Sunday, December 4, 2016

Kickstarter Spotlight

All right, it's time for a little bit of Kickstarter chat.

Mostly because Russell Newquist has launched his Lyonesse project. If you like short fiction, and want more fiction in the vein of their previous anthologies(I certainly do), I highly recommend this project. $7 gets you the stories in your email, $25 gets you ebook quarterly anthologies, and $59 gets you to quarterly print as well.  Seriously, I highly doubt you'll regret backing this project.

Retro SF Dice Tower- The pulp crowd might like this. If you've a 3d printer, you can get yourself plans, or you spend a bit more, and they'll ship you the rocketship dice tower.

Abaddon: While this is the least regarded of the Command and Colors games, it is also the coolest looking. There's now an expansion, and you can get the whole for pretty reasonable cost.

For the wargamers, there's a naval battle project. I have no experience with modern period naval wargames, but it might be worthwhile.

Humor selections:

Ok, my tag line? Apparently Poe's law applies.  Me, I had figured maybe someday doing a parody set of rules/cards for Pandemic. But, somebody believes in the UN.

Philanthropy is the game for people that believe you can legislate all the problems of the world away. If you're reading this blog, I'm going to guess you're more likely to visit the project for a laugh. From the end of the project page:
In accordance with Kickstarter guidelines, we cannot promise to donate any money to charities. Therefore, no exact amount is promised. However, by us spreading the word about these charities and you playing these games with friends (with the charities' information present), we know that they will be able to receive your future support. Also, Josh (one of the two creators of the game) works full-time feeding refugees in Turkey and half of the profits from our project go to him being able to continue to do this work. So in an indirect way, you are still helping refugees from Syria in the Middle East. Thank you!
 YEAH. Not helping with people that want to kill me for existing. And, how much of this is going to import more, and how much goes to Infanticide, Inc.?

Metaphorosis- This initially looked like MAYBE they were about stories. But then, there's this:
Are you vegan-friendly?
We are! Our editor is a long-time vegan, and we give a vague and unspecified number of bonus points to vegan submissions. We're not sticklers about it, and we publish mostly non-vegan stories, but you won't find many stories about hunting on our pages. We also plan to publish a Best Vegan SFF of the year, full of great stories that just happen to be vegan.
The future is mushrooms and sprouts, apparently. Their stories are "hand-crafted by talented artisans working in dark, lonely caves". I prefer authors that work with either pen or keyboard that don't live in third world virtue signalling factories.

These reminders so that you know:

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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  1. How is vegan SFF a thing? Even sissy elves will whack the occasional small woodland creature with a stick and throw it in the cooking pot when the druidess isn't looking.