Sunday, April 2, 2017

Injustice Book Review: Rocky Mountain Retribution by Peter Grant

Cower not, fierce reader! My sleep schedule has been disrupted once again by Peter Grant having a new book(here) for me to read. Yes, I just did a quick review set Friday, after finishing the last book in it, and started this lovely book yesterday. For the new here, there should be two takeaways: 1. I read fast 2. So does this book.

This book picks up about three years or so after the last one, and it's apparently been a largely non-violent period in the life of Walt Ames. I'll not go into the details of that, but he's grown his business, bought land, and is ready to move his operations as Denver becomes more booming and corrupt.

The book opens with a hunt of a bear. From there, we have great periods of sudden violence, rest, and preparation.  But the events surrounding each incidence do not make this boring, but rather, more compelling. There is sacrifice, loss, and vengeance. Goodness and honor are shown, and well demonstrated, as is loyalty.

Mr. Grant has also taken great pains to present accurately the West, showing it as a land and time that was far more allowing for racial differences than commonly presented. The abilities of the individual mattered far more in the pursuits that frame Westerns than the color of skin. His research into the reality pays off in presenting a men that are hard, fair, and honest.

His research, of course, extends well beyond the "race relations" category, though that may be a partial focus of his due to his prior life in South Africa. Mr. Grant continues to present us with an accessible yet informed presentation of the the firearms, and now explosives of the West. We also gain an insight into what are in many ways, the early days of actual modern medicine, with amputations and prosthetic fitting being the only option at the time in many cases.

Now, fierce reader, if you are wary because you haven't read the first book, worry not. This adventure of justice and revenge does not need your acquaintance with the prior tale. While you would gain some benefit of insight into the story, and I do recommend  the first book highly(here),  feel free to dive in unprepared. Of course, i will say you may want to be ready to lose some sleep.

10 of 10 fell deeds

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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