Sunday, November 27, 2016

Movie Night: Castro is Dead edition

Ladies and gentlemen, let us take some time to reflect upon this historic moment. Yes, the people of Cuba are still under Raul and the Communist Party. Yes, Cuba is still home to ancient automobiles, and an economy supposedly crippled by ONE nation not trading with them.

But the figure that was Fidel Castro is no more. From the keyboard of Jon Del Arroz:
"I ran for congress in 2010, and I spoke in front of a large group of Cuban-Americans, many of whom either directly came from Cuba in the 1950s or were the sons and daughters of those refugees. What's interesting is it was one of the few speeches I gave where I didn't do much of the talking, but they went around and told me the dangers of socialism/liberalism and what it cost their families personally. I will never forget the one man who told me about how his family was dragged out of their own house and he and his brother watched Castro's soldiers shoot his parents. He was shot in the eye when he escaped later but survived. This man and his doctrines are pure evil. Let us never forget that. Burn in hell, Castro."

Of course, many liberal figures are in mourning, especially heads of state and media members(and they wonder why we don't trust them). It must be nice to continually forget the one nation we have for decades, without pause, accepted refugees from.

Submitted for approval of the death of a tyrant, I suggest an underrated classic film, that underscored in many ways the thuggishness and depths of the evil of the world communist regimes.

Alfred Hitchcock's Topaz. Here's the trailer:

Watch it in good cheer, knowing that one source of evil has left the world. Yet another reminder:

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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