Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Looking back at the first 10 months of the Injustice Gamer

My friend Declan Finn does a retrospective post after every thousand posts. I'm just over the first hundred, but I have been through 10 months now, so here's the 10 most popular posts, and a bit of perspective on them.

1. The Hurt is Strong at File 770

This is the newest post on the list, and it's the most popular. Dipping into the venomous pit that is the comment section after the Dragon Awards yielded the results that were predicted by many, but of course, they deny that we were told to make our own awards.

2. GenCon 2016 "Industry Insider" Program

I'd heard there was some crowing about who was on the list, and that it was a victory for minorities. So, I went and did some research on who was there, using Boardgamegeek and RPGgeek as my primary sources, as they are the best tabletop databases online. 

Of course it was a victory for minorities. It was largely a loss for gaming.

3. An open letter to Splotter Spellen

I was pretty raw about the fact that Splotter didn't feel like they should take care of the people that made the print run possible, before making the rest of the run available to others. I stand by that, if you run a preorder, with the possible exception of major conventions, your material should go absolutely first to the people that paid to make it happen.

No, it's not Kickstarter, that doesn't change what should be the proper method of taking care of the people that backed you.

4. Interview with the RPG Pundit

This is my first interview, and I haven't done any for awhile. But, it exposed me a bit to the OSR ideas, and some of the fight against Social Justice there. I know the Pundit and Jeffro Johnson have a massive disagreement on Appendix N, which I did not address, but the Appendix N stuff I've read has been a lot of fun. Not my primary reading style, but fun nonetheless.

5. Post Hugo thoughts

Ah, it seemed everyone was doing posts about the Hugo results. I thought I'd put my two cents in, and it seems folks liked that post. I stand by "Nuts to you, Neil Gaiman."

6. Heh. Reddit SJWs hate me

This was in reaction to some of the flaming directed at me after my Hugo post, especially regarding my saying "Nuts to you, Neil Gaiman." Perhaps I shouldn't have responded to the projection and lies about my geekdom, but I don't like libel and slander. I had a few days of hatefans, it was a good time.

7. Betrayal at House on the Hill: SJW expansion

This post was my first detail search on multiple SJWs in a project, which became a model for the GenCon post. It has also recently proven relevant, as some are regretting their purchase and finding out why belatedly. I likely should make that my featured post.

8. Injustice Book Review: A Pius Man trilogy

Yes, this is my most popular book review. I'm pretty pleased by that, as Declan doesn't have the notoriety that Mr. Wright does. A.P. Ryan is a blast of a character, and I've enjoyed everything he shows up in. 

9. Monica, you don't get a pass

Came after the GenCon post. The thing that does Firefly attacked me for it behind my back, and I smacked back, in a civilized, open manner, quoting her extensively. I then made sure she knew about it via Twitter, and she promptly blocked me. I'm sure she had a nice victory dance after.

10.  Fisking Publisher's Weekly Review of Beyond the Mist

Some paid moron at PW didn't know how to do a book review of something they didn't like or comprehend. I couldn't let that slide; Mr. Zwycky wrote a fine tale I await the sequel to, and his first novel got me started on book reviews.

Lessons to be gained: Book reviews pull in some regulars, but the flame war posts get tons of views. I likely need to do a bit more of those now and then.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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