Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Hurt is Strong at F770

Welcome, fierce readers, to my Dragon Awards post. In case you can't tell, my focus is going to be mostly on the SJW response, largely viewable in the comments at File 770. Some of them are thought out, some outright lies, and some are just insulting.

But first, I'd like to congratulate the winners of the first Dragon Awards.

John C. Wright for Somewhither
Larry Correia for Son of the Black Sword
Terry Prachett for The Shepherd's Crown(RIP)
David Weber for Hell's Foundations Quiver
Naomi Novik for League of Dragons
Nick Cole for Ctrl Alt Revolt!
Brian Niemeier for Souldancer
Ms.Marvel in comics
Sandman: Overture in graphic novel
Game of Thrones in TV
The Martian in movie
Fallout 4 in PC/Console game
Fallout Shelter in mobile game
Pandemic Legacy(s1) in boardgame
Call of Cthulu in other tabletop game

Some of you that have been reading here will know that I don't like all of these by any means. They won the award, end of story. I don't have to support it or encourage it; I will congratulate it for now, if only as an impetus to get more like minded folks to care about the other categories.

I would also like to congratulate Declan Finn, for accepting on behalf of Misters Cole, Niemeier, and Wright. You are an excellent writer on your own, and it speaks well of your writing and you that these gentlemen would see fit for you to be their surrogate.

Now, to the SocJus crowd, from the comments at File 770(I need a bath):
1. Mike Glyer saw fit to publicize the fact that someone took a stab at F770 for not being on the ballot when his blog couldn't be due to no category for that work. Way to make it all about you, Mike.
2. "Soon Lee" wants to know who the administrators of the award are, calls the site unhelpful(she's correct there), denounces Declan for his incomplete posting of finalists, and says that she trusts the Hugos more. You can't watch the video and figure out who the admin is? You can't use email? It's an open campaigning award, I'm not going to fault him for not listing things he didn't care about.
3."Andrew M." finds it suspect that you had to be registered to know what was nominated, thinks turnout was low, and basically thinks Vox Day gamed what he could, followed by mentioning some books aren't published in the UK w/out a Hugo. You could have registered and nominated and voted. Vox barely mentioned them. And print is no longer an obstacle to that, tool.
4. "Rick Moen" thinks a voting fee makes for a legitimate award, and the Dragon is just an opinion poll. Isn't that what the Hugo was supposed to be, an award from the FANS of SF/F?
5. "Lee Whiteside" thinks that DragonCon owed truefen more publicity about the award. Why? There's no publicity about the fact that ANYONE can pay to nominate and vote in the Hugos.
6."Sean Wallace" thinks that sales of Castalia House books are harder to track, and one of the ones on the ballot only sold 11 copies. I'd like to see your pack of lies source of data, Sean. There's no way any book from CH only sells 11 copies. Amazon tracks all the ebook sales very precisely, so shove off.
7. Kurt Busiek buys the lie, which saddens me greatly. His Astro City is usually good, and sometimes great.
8. "Cat Elridge" lies blatantly about a single ballot per email address, thinking it was  a Chicago voting style scam. Project much, Hugo lover?
9. "Ryan Radlien" believes it a valid criticism that none of the nominees at DragonCon won. What? This isn't a "must be present to win" raffle, moron, and neither are the Hugos.
10."Nickpheas" is surprised that some might think Somewhither science fiction. Also demonstrates the belief that he doesn't need to read it to judge it based on it's cover. Ignorant of Appendix N style SF aren't you?
11."alexvdl" among others calls it an award put together by puppies. Show your work, give me interviews, post a reference for this accusation when, as far as I know nobody in the puppy organizational scheme did any of the work to put it together.
12. Mike Glyer stated that Vox Day made a large number of picks that weren't human shields that won, showing his voters are in control of it. Maybe there's far more of us than you believe.
13. "TexasReed" make no bones about his hatred of Brian Niemeier and his work, calling the affair a circle jerk. Did you read the work? I'd be surprised if you did, and you clearly know jack squat about the excellent Mr. Niemeier.
14. "Chris S" is among those with the effrontery to insult Mr. John C. Wright's prose, calling the first page a piece of sophomoric crap. Get a dictionary, he uses the words correctly, well, and has a much better vocabulary than you do.
15. "kathodius" is incredulous to the idea that Dave Freer could create a coherent world after reading his blog posts. I'm incredulous to the idea it lives in the real world after not comprehending Mr. Freer's fine entertaining prose.
16. TYP wants it to become subject to the vote of DragonCon "members" . Dragoncon has attendees, fool, worldcon cons you into thinking you joined a club.
17. Cat Eldridge thinks the Dragon Award voters aren't interested in books. Maybe they just don't like conventions where they get told they're evil and need to die.

As you can see, there's a great lack of thought, and a great amount of hate available at F770. I don't know why Mrs. Wright bothers to respond at all over there, given she and her husband get lied about continually there.

For next year: we really need folks to be reading the better works in comics and playing boardgames. I have no real complaint on Pandemic, but it's an iffy one in my book.  I'll try to do some new posts on comics soon, so perhaps some of my readers might find some of the good work that is out there.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.


  1. (Chuckle) You know the funnist thing about their drooling hatefest? They were all over John like a bad rash, back when he was an atheist.

    I'm not sure who Kathodius is but being hated by his ilk is usually a mark of quality. Damien Walter doesn't think I can write either. I did a rough count on sales and I'm around the half million mark. I guess a few people don't entirely agree with Kathodius, but I dare say some do. And if you drop me an e-mail via I will gift you TOM for review. Say what you think fair about it (yes, it would make a good board game) :-)

  2. Incoherent ignorant ranting and sneering is what I saw over there. Virtue signaling gone wrong.

  3. Huh. Kind of surprised they can even type given all the literally shaking they must be up to tonight. Thank you for swimming in the sewage, Alfred. Just that little spritz of the culture over there is enough to leave me wanting a shower.

  4. Pandemic rocks! 'Nuff said. ;-)

    Thanks for taking one for the team and wallowing in the swamp of stupid to get the File 770 take. The crew there seems a tad upset the Dragon Awards are more open, free to play, and don't spin as much their way as do the Hugos.

    Probably incensed that people can't be thought-crime banned from the event as well.

    1. Their varied accusations ring hollow too.

      Also, over at the Liberty Zone, Nicki's blog, Daddy Warpig made some observations in response to the implication/accusation that Gamergate was responsible for the results.

      I can personally attest that even tweeting it with the hashtag and mentioning that there were games to vote for, there was pretty much no interest.

  5. I read the comments over there and all I could do is shake my head and laugh. When they didn't actually have facts to cherrypick, innuendo and speculation sufficed.

    One you missed was something about the Dragon awards being on the website "just recently" ... I was hardly first to the party and my registration email is dated April 6th. So, how many years lead time should we have, again?

  6. I find it deeply embarrassing that at one point, I used to read File770 and didn't see anything particularly wrong with it. I don't understand how that could have been. Every time I go over there now, I cringe at the comments people make. They might genuinely be the dumbest community on the entire internet, and this is counting yahoo commentators and youtube posters.

    The thing that I find strangest is how upset they are that Puppy authors won. First of all, registration was free, and there was plenty of time to register and vote themselves. Secondly...haven't they been saying the Puppies need to go get their own award and leave the Hugos alone? Even if every crackpot conspiracy theory about the Dragons they had was 100% true, you'd think they'd be STOKED, because it's supposedly what they've been wanting for a couple of years. But of course, they were always lying. They resent the fact that people they don't like receive any sort of recognition whatsoever, because they see awards as an exclusive form of validation, and they want to control it entirely.

    I'm looking for a much stronger drive next year from them to win the Dragons, possibly bolstered by articles from the inimitable Damien G Walter, pleading for regular people to fight the racism and sexism of these horrible awards.

    1. I'd guess that it wan't openly this ugly until l'Affair du Puppi got their noses out of joint. They seem sane whenever they aren't talking Vox, Puppies, or politics.
      - Scholar-at-Arms

    2. "Seem" is the key word there, sadly.

  7. Thanks to our host for risking his sanity to assemble this index/comedy of errors.

    I wholeheartedly endorse your glowing appraisal of Mr. Finn. Three cheers for Declan!

  8. Dude, seriously, thanks for taking one for the team and looking into the cesspool of crazy, and bringing back a few tidbits for our amusement.

    Also *claps!!!* for your praise of Declan; he's a good guy, and a fine writer.

  9. ""Nickpheas" is surprised that some might think Somewhither science fiction."

    But "If you Were A Dinosaur" totally was.....

  10. ""Nickpheas" is surprised that some might think Somewhither science fiction."

    But "If you Were A Dinosaur" totally was.....