Friday, September 2, 2016

Fisking Publisher's Weekly Review of Beyond the Mist

I was made aware of this review of the book via Facebook yesterday, and am appalled at how terribly written this review is.  Apparently it's originally from BookLife, but they're supposed to be professionals. Let there be Injustice!

Original will be in Italics, my response will be in bold.

The setting of a (redacted) in the far future 

You couldn't go one sentence without spoiling a good chunk of the plot. And you write for a professional trade journal reviewing books? How can I monetize this? I'm more entertaining than you, that's for sure.

doesn’t quite fit this story centered on Christian values, free will, redemption, forgiveness, and repressive roles for women

Why not? Christian themes are universal to the human experience, and it's themes of mercy and redemption call to everyone. Also, you're the one repressing women, by stating they don't have free will to choose their role.

Zephyr Walker(redacted). (Five more redacted sentences)

What, is this going to be a plot point a sentence? Are you stupid enough you can't discuss a journey without starting at the end? From Alice in Wonderland: Start at the begining, go until you reach the end, and stop. I don't start a book knowing the end, I want to discover it.

The fascinating premise eventually lags 

Your attention lagged because you can't imagine anyone different than your sad, sorry circle.

  (Nobility Among Us) exacerbates uneven plotting with long-winded descriptions

Yeah, because everything in life happens at an even pace, there's never an internal struggle, and I don't have to think about the details involved. Stop projecting your lack of introspection.

one-dimensional characters;

This is a tale of mercy, forgiveness, redemption, and self discovery; you are projecting hard if you think that's one dimensional.  

women whose only goals involve cooking, marriage, and babies;

Because nobody ever does anything that they enjoy in service to another in your world. You must really hate life if you hate well made food, pleasant company, and babies; these are some of the best pleasures on earth.

and a detour into a whodunit

It's good to know that your life went entirely according to plan, was all plotted out, and NOTHING interfered with it. My life has not gone so smoothly, and changes story types within a day. I'm guessing my life is a bit more real than yours.

Yeah, that's it, but I had to redact that much because the person couldn't describe the book without the plot. For reference and contrast, here's my section from the second set of quick reviews:

Beyond the Mist by Ben Zwycky- I actually read this before Nobility Among Us, and it was great. An adventure story about restoration and redemption. Major crime: mercy, and forgiveness 8/10 Fell deeds.

Gee, I think my short review was better. I didn't give away the story.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.



  1. I see the gatekeepers are gatekeeping again.

  2. Thank you, good sir. I am honoured to have someone fisk on my behalf.