Saturday, September 24, 2016

Injustice Quick Reviews 4

Cower not, fierce reader! I have found another collection of fine works in my busy reading schedule, worthy  entertainment for the library of any SocJus criminal. These tales span length, genre, comedy, and time, so be of good cheer.

Cannibal Gold by Chuck Dixon- Once more, I find I'm late to the party. I did not know that Mr. Dixon was writing outside of comics, but had seen and read his Winterworld novel that ties to his comic. This is great fun in the military action vein that John Ringo occupies, with some mild sf touches and no porn award scenes.  Major crimes: conspiracies by secretive folks with ties to governments, and narrative challenges to evolutionary theory. 8/10 Fell deeds.

The Origin Key by S. D. McPhail- This is a great story of conquest and justice in a fantastic Persian Empire.  If you read Susan's story in Between the Wall and the Fire, a part of that is repeated here, to good effect. I'm hoping the next story comes out soon, and to borrow from a bad movie title: "Tell your Children". Yes, I'd qualify it as a youth book, but there's plenty of fight and intrigue here for adults. Major crime: Being a good story with fighting men that are good. 7/10 Fell deeds.

Death by Cliche by Bob Defendi- Larry Correia''s cover blurb caught my eye. Then I started the book; I have to say it grows on you. Like moss.  If you like puns, tabletop gaming(rpgs), and wordplay, I think this will work for you.  The chapter quotes are great. Major crime: Bad jokes.6/10 Fell deeds.

Ledge Town by Jason Anspach- This is a short story set in the Apocalypse Weird (or the Wyrd) universe. I'm not sure what's going on with the rights issues, as AW has shut down. Still, an interesting short that may one day lead to a full novel. 7/10 Fell deeds. Get me more, Mr. Anspach.

The First Lensman by Doc E. E. Smith- I've seen the works and author both revered and reviled within the last year, and a comment on Twitter by Bradford Walker got at least one book in my reading queue. While the writing breaks down on occasion, the story keeps moving. While I would appreciate a bit more individuality in the characters, I also understand some of the story reasoning for it. Major crime: Men are men, and women are women in this old school adventure yarn. 7/10 Fell deeds.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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  1. Thank you for the review! I'm so glad you enjoyed The Origin Key.