Monday, July 11, 2016

Injustice Anthology Review: Between the Wall and the Fire

Cower not, fierce reader! We have before us today not a novel, but a collection of short stories, edited by Mr. Russell Newquist. Each story in here has it's own crime against Social Justice, if not multiple. The stories are solid, and I'll attempt to keep from too much spoiling the stories. These will be done along the mini review format I tried earlier.

To the stories:

Edge- Russell Newquist opens with a story of his own. I was fairly impressed, as it showed his familiarity with Cyberpunk, especially the Shadowrun niche within the niche. Major crime: putting family before work.

Soul Food- K. Bethany Sayer gives us a snippet, that begins with familial devotion, and ends with preserving something good. Major crime: Distrust of government.

A Ruby for Dyree- S. D. McPhail writes a story that feels like a cautionary D+D story. Always check on the other party members. Major crime- justice may be patient, but swift. Be careful of your desires.

On the Bayou's Edge- Morgon Newquist tells us of an old presumed widow who fight demons that come out of the bayou. One day, she fights a demon stronger than  her knowledge. Help arrives in time. Major crime: Christianity is right, demons are real.

Second Home, Second Chance- Ray Blank's story of a man now alone in a world stuck mostly in VR.  Major crime: putting away the distractions

Kingdoms of Magic- Mr. Newquist has for us a fantastic tale of a prince and princess, and one last happy day.  Major crime: hope until the end, love always.

Brotherly Envy- S. D. McPhail writes of a boy whose brother has a gift. An encounter with a scholar reveals his own gift, and how to care for his brother. Major crime: helping others

Henbit and Clovers- Morgon Newquist returns, following a boy helping his people survive a zombie apocalypse. Major crime: charity.

Negev- This tale by Joshua M. Young features a rabbi in an isolated space colony on a desert world. Posthumans come, offering their knowledge  His son chooses to join them, to redeem their world and help others. Major crime: self sacrifice

Knight of the Changeling- One last turn for Mr. Newquist, bringing us a tragedy, a hero, and an adventure. Major crime: justice, and redemption

Life Began at Thirty-Three- Closing out is a story of life from Verne Luvall. The events here are quite ordinary, but the people and writing are extraordinary. Major crime: love and devotion

This is a very solid anthology. Read and enjoy, fierce reader, for these tales have fires to warm the heart. Vascular muscle is tough, but full of iron. Seven of ten fell deeds.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.


  1. Thank you for the review! I'm pleased to be committing thought crimes again! (Though the middle initial is "M" ;) )