Sunday, July 24, 2016

SFF and gaming and SDCC

So, firstly: the Dragon Award nominations end tomorrow. Please nominate if you haven't already. My last recommendations list is here.

Second: the voting period for the Hugo Awards ends on July 31. While I differ most notably on semipro zine and graphic story categories, Vox Day has his recommendations here. My dissent: SciPhi Journal for semipro zine, and for graphic story Invisible Republic, then Sandman: Overture.  I do take consolation in the fact that a pandering tights book won't get the Hugo this year, but in fact it likely will go to an actual piece of sff that doesn't hate its readers.

Third: GenCon is in two weeks. My list of games to check out is here. Game releases and news tend to slow a bit before the big conventions.

Four: SDCC(otherwise known as Comi-Con) was this weekend. DC showed off trailers for Wonder Woman and Justice League. Both looked good. WW didn't look like a SJW movie, but a proper Nazi fighting movie. JL looks like it might get right what BvS got wrong, and at least more fun. Flash season 3 looks like it might be a good time. Legends of Tomorrow season 2 will see the Legion of Doom. DC has 3 animated film announcements: Justice League Dark, Teen Titans: the Judas Contract, and Batman and Harley Quinn.

 Dr. Strange debuted a new trailer, and now looks interesting to me. American Gods, I don't know; it's got good actors, but I've moved on from Mr. Gaiman's work for the most part. Legion gets a meh from me; I don't care for mutants(I'd much rather see Sanderson's Legion). King Arthur looks to be divested of its source material entirely, but Guy Ritchie might have a decent movie despite that. Black Panther-I don't care. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 supposedly will have Kurt Russell. Captain Marvel- I again don't care.

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