Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How badly did Marvel step in it?

Yeah, I'm a bit late to this party, but I don't read Marvel and don't play 40k. For the uninitiated, in Venom Space Kinght 6 is the controversy. GW is investigating this situation.

Stealing graphic elements from 40k is a big deal. Stealing logos of theirs, and a specific weapon, is likely going to be hard for Marvel to argue. Yes, Disney might have better lawyers, and certainly bigger pockets. GW has a big case as far as I can tell, and they have a history of fighting any copyright infringement they perceive. (I am not a lawyer.) So, why are they taking their time on this one?

Here's some options. 1.Marvel may have reached out to them for a settlement. Size: really big, as anything in the comics is ripe for adaptation, and there is a Venom film apparently in development again. 2. Trade: perhaps Disney is looking at GW as a potential division(I would doubt it.).

As far as a lawsuit, if it goes against Disney this could be HUGE. As I mentioned, anything in the comics is a potential movie piece, so the damages would go well beyond their normal amounts. First, there's all the court costs they'd have to pay out. Then, there's the damages, which I shudder to think of. GW has already closed at least one company after a settlement was reached. Disney's best bet in the courts might be to drag it out until GW would go broke. Bad news for them: GW is pushing their own games again, and Fantasy Flight Games makes them tons off licensed games.

So, what might this mean for Marvel, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe? That depends on the damages.  I can guarantee it means Disney's legal is going to start going over every book to avoid more potential. Artists might have to sign responsibility for imagery agreements, or Marvel will setup an approved graphics section, which would be smart. Get everyone on the same page to avoid future damages.

What am I saying? These artists and writers generally don't read. Not stories, anyway. Propaganda, absolutely. That goes for DC as well, but they don't look to be as wholly converged. GW, have some fun with these suckers.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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