Friday, July 8, 2016

GenCon: the Games worth seeing/buying

GenCon is the largest tabletop game convention in the United States, and as such, sees a lot of launches and previews. The exhibit hall is huge, and effectively will be 25% bigger this year, as the section previously holding game tournaments and demos has been moved.

What to look for if you're looking for new games? There's a huge amount of exhibitors, and a sizable geeklist on BGG. So, here's the stuff I'm looking forward to seeing, and maybe I'll get some of it. Some of these games I've backed on Kickstarter, but don't let that stop you. It's just under a month away, and you may need to plan to get to some games.

Valley of the Kings: Last Rites- This is the third VotK game, each a standalone that can be added together. It's an interesting game, as only the entombed cards score. It's a maybe, but no rush for me.

Innovation: Artifacts of History and Innovation: Cities of Destiny- These expansions were part of a Kickstarter campaign, as Asmadi is a very small company.  I really dig on Innovation, multi-use cards and shared actions are great concepts.

Coldwater Crown- Yes, a game about fishing. Set Collection for scoring, and worker placement for determining what fish you get. I'm intrigued.

Moonquake Escape- It's got a rotating and revolving 3d moon. I at least wanna see this.

Arkwright- It's a new edition with a new publisher. Games with stocks and trading make endgame potentials hard to calculate. I'm intrigued.

The Networks- A game about getting ratings, with Shows, Stars, and Ads being your avenues. Card Drafting, and a theme that hasn't been really used for decades. Designer's an SJW that loves to pander to feminists.

Star Trek: Ascendancy- This looks amazing. A 4x style Star Trek game, with more factions/players available later. The player boards are customized graphically, even the sliders have different arrangements.  Honestly, my biggest hope for GenCon.

Lunarchitects- Inspired by Glen More, sure it's a derivative game. The original has been OOP for ages.

Seafall- This year's big Legacy game. Plaid Hat and Rob Daviau know what they're doing. I'm in for a look; Legacy games have some downfalls.

Flick 'Em Up!: Red Rock Tomahawk- The base game was last year's big surprise. Dexterity and strategy for up to 10 players, with great components. Let's add more to the mix!

Junk Art- This year's bit from Pretzel Games. It's going to look great, and might be a good game to boot.

Islebound- Red Raven makes some gorgeous games with interesting ideas. So far my only complaint is I want a game with more than a 4 player max. from them.

Covert- Run a spy network, roll dice to program actions, and accomplish missions? I didn't hear anything, how can I tell you about it?

Scythe- If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, take the time to check this beauty out. Jamey Stegmaier gets to be a better designer with each game/expansion, and I think he may have knocked this one out of the park. Not to mention Jakob's art...

Terraforming Mars- Drafting, tile laying, variable player powers, and all in a SF vibe? I at least need to look at it.

Championship Formula Racing- Claims to be a redesign of Speed Circuit. That makes me want to take a look. 3M had some interesting things back then.

I know most of you reading this will think, "What about game X?". There are going to be TONS of games to look at, and these are what I consider the highlights.  If Fantasy Flight ever announced their launch for the year officially, I might have an official opinion.(It's likely an Arkham Horror LCG; next year is Lo5R).

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  1. Glad MoonQuake Escape caught your eye and I'd love to give you the quick overview. Moon Pies are involved!
    - Jeff Johnston