Monday, September 26, 2016

I really need to check my comments more often.

Especially after I make an anti-SJW post or a book review. I end up with new readers, and I just saw some new comments on a few posts.

So, with that, Overgrown Hobbit,  I apologize for my lack of response. I'm not accustomed to backlog comments yet(this blog only started in January). Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the show. Now, to give you a proper response to your comments on earlier posts.

Daisy Kutter? Oh, I haven't touched The Last Train in a good while. I'm not even sure where those issues are right now. I miss Viper comics and their oddball offerings. Not so much Dead@17, but things like A Dummy's Guide to Danger and Daisy Kutter.

Yes, Rust is amazing.  Wait, you do Tempest in a Teardrop? One of the two webcomics I read anymore. I'm now interacting with a cultural reference that isn't one of the authors I review. Sweet. Anyway, I've only read a bit of Rust, as I opted for Old City Blues when they came out at roughly the same time. I only had so much comics cash.

You run a school game group? I love that those exist. If you really want to get the boys to a boardgame, you need to get a good brainburner for them. Also, if there's a chess team/club, you're "competing" with that. I'm all for the development of well rounded geeks.(mentally, that is. Too many of us are overweight, and I'm one of them.)

I haven't posted on comics in awhile, so maybe later this week or next I'll do a post. Prince Valiant is currently my king for all ages storytelling, with Mouse Guard and Bone close behind. I even have some PV I haven't read yet.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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