Thursday, September 29, 2016

Inside the Injustice Book Review

First, of course, I do a fair amount of reading. Not necessarily tons, but I don't watch much TV, don't do the bar scene, etc. So there's time available for reading. Feel free to send me books. Preferably by the light of tallow from my victims.

Second, I am not a book critic, or at least, that isn't my aim. Word choices aren't something that comes naturally to many people, and some need time to develop it. I do notice things about style and some outside references, but I'm more interested in getting people to notice the book, than granting an informed intellectual take on the work. I'm up for a good book discussion, but I don't know I have the interest in lengthy academic discussions of a text as a blogger. Puppy of the Month book club appears to be trying to do that job anyway, and there's three of them, so they should catch more than I could. Check it out, you might like it.

Thirdly, I have an aim of entertainment(see above) in my book reviews. I would much rather give a litany of the things that will make SJWs shriek, wail, and point their fingers in horror than write a standard book review such that it might be found at Publisher's weekly that might happen to give away key plot points. What's the fun for you if the bits that make the story interesting are actually given away.  Besides, the melodrama of the recitation of crimes against SocJus is simply fun for me. I might need to start taking notes, rather than rely on my memory.

Fourth, and possibly most important, I want to be trusted. If you follow me on Twitter(hopefully Gab soon; where's my email?), you might see me mention a book now and then that I never review. There's a reason for that. If I don't review it, I might not have finished it. It might only have been ok. There is also the possibility that the author doesn't need any exposure I might grant(Larry Correia, John Ringo, Mike Z. Williamson, etc.), but that's another matter. Trust is important. It helps grow this blog, which broke 6k pageviews this month, the ninth month it has existed. So it comes down to a philosophy of  "Friends don't let friends read bad books.".

Now, I've finished two books this week, and I need to start some reviews.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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