Thursday, September 15, 2016

Injustice Book Review- Pius History

Cower not, fierce reader! Today, I have for you a nonfiction collection from Declan Finn. This collection contains a multitude of sins against Social Justice, and all of them connect to the sins within his Pius Trilogy, where this material ultimately came from.

There are four papers in here, and I shall discuss them and their sins in order.  The first paper is in many ways the most crucial, a vindication of Pope Pius XII, called by some "Hitler's Pope". This false narrative, which did not exist until recently(the past 2 decades), is so pervasive that even Vox Day briefly mentions it in his The Irrational Atheist.

Dclan Finn goes on in the first paper to demolish all arguments that Pius XII supported or was supported by Hitler in any way. As a cardinal, he spoke out against Nazism and helped Pius XI draft an encyclical under the name Mit brennender Sorge, a clear thumb at the Nazis, as encyclicals are normally issued in Latin, not the language of a nation or people, but the church. As Pius XII, one of his encyclicals even spoke directly against National Socialism, and was used in propaganda bombs against the Germans. One are Pius  XII and his lying critics agree, at 80k Jews he had a hand in saving, it should have been more.

Onto the next paper, I won't ruin some of the more interesting bits of the first for you.

The next, Sudanistas, is an indictment of media, and political policy in Africa. The fighting in Sudan has endured for decades, crosses political and religious borders, and only got covered after Darfour.  I won't cover much of this paper, except to mention the imposition of Shariah law, the return of crucifixion on convicts, and the government bombing of churches on Sunday mornings. Yes, it is a partly religious war, with the sides being dictated by the northern Muslims.

What follows next is not a scholarly paper, but rather, a discussion of weaponry, particularly the weaponry used in the book: real, theoretical, and fictional. This is your high destruction tool section, so if you want to know a little about the toys, this is your spot. I does read more like a blog post, and that's fine. Some folks might love this section just for the starting points of weaponry research. Of course, the SocJus crowd would shriek about the violence inherent in the tools.

Last, we come to a paper on John Paul II. Having no exposure to Catholicism in my youth, I knew nothing contained in this paper.  I also must wonder how many Protestants have any clue as to the extent of JP II's involvement in the fall of Soviet Russia, and the Warsaw Pact block.  Like Pius XII, he carefully avoided direct condemnations of the system, but instead encouraged the Catholic faith, and assisted parties in opposition to the fixed price, single party socialism, and advocated for local determinism.

In conclusion, these papers commit many sins, acknowledging the good done by those wrongly maligned or ignored, bringing light to the evils in the conflict in Sudan and Uganda, and of course, having fun with weapons. 8/10 fell deeds

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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