Tuesday, June 7, 2016

An open letter to Spotter Spellen, regarding preorders

Now, you won't find this name in your list. It's a name created for social media, etc. There are plenty of disemployers out there to justify this.

The fact is, you had preorders for your fourth printing of Food Chain Magnate, which has done so much better than your other games, it's ridiculous. Now, instead of taking care of the individual gamers that preordered your game, you've shipped to stores and distributors first. This is a relationship problem. You don't want our money directly; at least that's the message when the game is available in stores and online for weeks before the preorders arrive. Now, you're less likely to get my money in the future.

Why? I don't care how good your game is if you treat me like dirt. Think about it. There's Miniature Market, Boardlandia, Cool Stuff,  and others, all having the game in stock for weeks before it arrived for the individuals that wanted it enough to preorder from you. We thought you might be community minded, because those online shops would have let us preorder from therm for less. We thought you might care about the people giving you money. WE WERE WRONG.

Take some look at companies that are on Kickstarter, like Stonemaier Games. There's two standout things here: 1. There's actual communication and updates reliably available. The community has access to knowledge. 2. The backers get their games first. Period. Shipping address errors notwithstanding, that's what happens.

But, given how you operate, it's now doubtful you'll see my money again. You certainly won't see it directly, when I can get it faster and cheaper from on OLGS.  YOU HAVE FAILED THIS COMMUNITY.


Alfred Genesson

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.


  1. I accomplished my goal. Splotter finally came on BGG and made a public statement as to the situation. They could have done that on their website as soon as stuff hit customs. Would they have said anything publicly if nobody raised a fuss, and the shipping yard was on strike? That would have caused a delay of possibly months.

  2. Leave it to an anti SJW weirdo to be so easily offended by the most trivial of things.

  3. Project much? There's a difference between angry and offended. Perhaps you need a dictionary.