Friday, June 3, 2016

Peter Grant, you may have just become a pox on my wallet.

No, this isn't a book review. At least, not an Injustice Book Review. But I figure Mr. Grant might like to have some more kind words hurled his way, and I JUST finished Brings the Lightning. I know, I'm abandoning my format; it's worth it here.

I've read a fair amount of L'amour novels. I've read some other westerns, which mostly don't measure up. I've read the first Caleb York book from Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins, which was very good. None of them made me lose sleep. Brings the Lightning did.

Congratulations, Peter. May my wallet curse you the rest of your days. PLEASE keep going on Westerns; while I love SciFi and Fantasy, this book shows you have real power in the Western. I don't know how many more you have in you, but if they are near this one in quality, I WILL BUY THEM ALL. Please, give me ways to give you more money. Feel free to quote me.

Yeah, I haven't said anything about the the story, characters, dialogue, or anything else yet.

So, here's my two complaints: 1. I'd personally prefer more authentic vocabulary. That's me, and maybe it's not the right choice. 2. I've read it already; I want the next one. 

On a more serious note, this book has great characters, a protagonist willing to occasionally con the US army(hey, the war just ended and he was a reb), a schoolteacher who needs no fainting couch, and two ex-slaves who come to Walt Ames' (our protagonist) employ. The places feel real; the grass, dust, and dirt in the story are right.  The towns, forts, and wagon train aren't safe, but have their own challenges. The treatment of the Indian tribes is excellent; each acts its own way.

Look, if you're reading this and you haven't yet gotten Brings the Lightning, do it. You won't regret the adventure.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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