Thursday, June 9, 2016

SJWs, Why are you making me defend a company I don't like?

Yeah, I said it. I don't like Games Workshop overall. They make some really detailed models, and have at least one good boardgame, but the constant flow of new models and books is bad. So, why go after a company that is intent on a diminishing returns model?

On BoLS the other day, a rant against Slaanesh was posted. Slaanesh is apparently part of the Chaos faction. Thankfully, I can go after other parts of this insipid SJW attack first.

The essay opens with the example of anime, and the author's finding Cyber City Odeo, and how bad the script is. Filled with profanity, and no other "adult" content. And then ignores the rest of anime altogether, including Akira, which was made two years earlier. The author slides into a rant about maturity versus adult, calling maturity worldliness. I wholly disagree. Maturity means dealing with consequences, planning for them, and deciding based on those. Worldliness these days tells people they are equal in every way, and have no responsibility.

Next, the author writes about Marvel's Epic comics line, calling most of them along the same lines as Cyber City. That is, bad and immature. I've read a few, and some are hits, some big misses with me. But, then acts as though Vertigo was the next thing to happen, ignoring DC's Piranha Press, which started in 1989. Vertigo started in 1993, the year before Piranha went away.  Let me tell you, PP had some interesting things. And some really BAD stuff as well. Also ignored is Paradox Press, which predates Vertigo, but not by much. Again, some entertaining material(Road to Perdition, Green Candles), but some bad stuff as well.

Ok, now to some of the stupid directed at 40k. The author believes the game needs to be aimed at children, as well as adults. I don't know of many parents that would let their kids get into a game that costs this much. Magic: the Gathering is cheap in comparison. The author clearly has no idea what homophobic and transphobic mean, as Slaanesh is presented as pandgener/sexual.  Then he resorts to making fun of the designers. Followed by calling their ideas about sex and sexuality outdated, and insulting to women, trans, and "intersex" people, and guys that aren't pathetic losers(my interpretation of his words). We're back to INSULTING GAMERS. Games journalism at its finest, truly.

Is Slaanesh appropriate for kids? HELL NO. Neither are the games GW puts out in general. It has to do with things like demon summoning, human sacrifice, terrifying aliens, and sex. HMM. Sounds rated R to me.

"Change terrifies people, especially members of the geek community, who loathe retcons with a passion that could eclipse suns." That's because we know that reconning usually gives a lesser universe than we just had.

Our likely paedophile author then proposes moving Slaanesh and it's army to Forge World, and dealing with it in properties printed by Fantasy Flight Games. That doesn't get the faction out of the game, so it "solves" nothing. GW players that want that faction will pay through the nose for it. GW models are expensive to begin with; Forge World doesn't change the audience, dummy.

Now I must restore some sanity from responding to this stupidity.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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  1. So what that guy wants is Age of Shitmar. Aka the aborted fetus of Warhammer Fantasy that ruined such a great legacy that span for three decades. It is the only Warhammer that has no Slannesh and aimed for children. Good thing that abysmal idea is putting Games Workshop in the red.

    Funny thing is that the books were selling great for Warhammer Fantasy as the setting was still popular. The fault lies in Games Workshop. They had not updated a lot of armies to the current edition from what I heard. So it tells me that Fantasy needed more attention and updating. It didn't need to be replace.