Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Heh. Reddit SJWs hate me

So my pageviews shot up yesterday with my "Nuts to you, Neil Gaiman" bit. They don't realize that by reading my words I am influencing them. If I'm not worth attention, don't talk about me, by all means. I don't mind the traffic, publicity, or ad views.

A bit of reply: I have read MOST of Neil Gaiman's work, adult, children's illustrated and prose. Signal to Noise was crazy, weird and brilliant. I loved Sandman and American Gods. His short story collections until Trigger Warning were a delight, particularly due to the poetry included therein. Don't project your illiteracy on me. I have the Little Gold Book. I possess the Todd Klein print of "Instructions", and one of "Don't Ask Jack", you projecting little jackals. Fragile Things is mine in hardcover and audiobook; don't tell me I haven't read the man's work. Odd and the Frost Giants is mediocre at best, while Two Plays for Voices was a brilliant adaptation of the stories it contained.

I have already confirmation that I am not the only one that has decided that Gaiman won't get their further patronage. His hating on the puppies of both stripes shows he is ignorant of facts, and perfectly willing to play the political game for points.

There was one comment on my Hugo post, so in reply to that:
As to the rest of the Hugos, Jerry Pournelle and Larry  Elmore, true legends, were voted below No Award. Dave Truesdale was kicked out of Worldcon for advocating that editors are skewing short fiction liberal, and it's hurting short fiction sff. He should know. Dave, you want to chat, I'll be glad to post a conversation. 

Best related work got No Awarded, despite the category being filled with works relevant to the history of SFF, and including one personal account of the ugly side of Fandom, and one academic work on the works of Gene Wolfe. Best fancast was also No Awarded, having talented and passionate candidates that SJWs couldn't stand winning.  Short dramatic presentation went to drug addled Jessica Jones over My Little Ponies version of 1984.

Hugo Awards: slowly becoming the drek of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.


  1. Some Reddit SJWs got all butthurt over my Ghostbusters post. Expect only positive results :)

  2. Pretty sure you just googled the name of a bunch of Gaiman's works. If you read them, you might know something about them.

  3. Pretty sure you just googled the name of a bunch of Gaiman's works. If you read them, you might know something about them.

  4. Dude, you're so fucking butthurt it's actually kind of pathetic. You're just another nobody, you'll never achieve even a fraction of the renown and success Gaiman has achieved, and I'm sure you are painfully aware of that fact. Maybe that's why you're such a bitter fucking loser, eh?

  5. Vulpine and Mako, you're imbeciles. I have a shelf full of Gaiman's works. I don't aspire to the fame and fortune Mr. Gaiman has, I have a different measure of success. Part of that measure is the triggering of you snowflakes. Part of it is the promotion of authors I like.

    1. Aww, is the little cuck baby crying? Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Sure, you have a different measure of success. For you, posting inane rants about "SJWs" is success. Good job man! You really showed them!

      Why don't you do something useful with your life, instead of writing about video games and masturbating to anime? Is writing essays showing how badly you get triggered by "SJWs" (https://injusticegamer.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/trigger-effect-pre-persons.html) really the best you can do?

      Sorry mate, but you're pathetic. I get that this is your safe space and I'm sorry to trigger you like this, but I worry for you. I just want what's best for you, little baby.

      Grow up soon, kiddo.