Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Trigger Effect: The Pre-Persons

Since I have the attention of SocJus fans for now, I thought I'd trigger a few by lauding one they mistakenly consider a hero: Philip K. Dick. Yes, the man was a drug addled libertine. He never argued against paying the cost for the things he did. He also was wholeheartedly against abortion. They don't want to admit that for one instance, or wave it away, saying "We know better".


PKD wrote a story that is sadly looking more and more prescient as so called moral philosophers have been advocating for post birth abortion, and most Christian nations have abandoned their faith.

This story is called "The Pre-Persons", and can be found collected in The Eye of the Sibyl and other classic stories. It's likely collected in other places too, but that's where I have it. In this story, women run the world, men need permission to leave the country, and children can be aborted until age 12. Abortion is seen as desirable and good, and food stocks are apparently limited. Children live in fear of vans that look like ice cream trucks, and run in terror of the Good Humor man. Children need to be licensed as desirable, or they are considered strays.

A few thoughts: This is written from a Malthusian view, likely one that comes into being when men no longer lead and have no incentive for research. The fathers in this story are indeed weak, but are smart enough and strong enough to know they should attempt escape with their sons. As I cannot comprehend any attraction to a woman that would have an abortion, even further is the comprehension of a woman that would get turned on by killing her own children. You think that life is not precious? Why must you be a hypocrite and continue to live? Why must there be such expense and legal obstacles for people trying to adopt?  Philip K. Dick may have been drug addled, but he knew how to tell a story, and he's very much right on abortion; it can't be an arbitrary standard.

To those imbecilic SJWs that think I would need to Google some of Neil's titles, why do that when I have a shelf full of his prose? What, you had to Google the Little Gold Book of Ghastly Stuff? I didn't even mention the window into his life that is Angels and Visitations or the lacking slipshod piece that is Interworld. You don't understand what a bibliophile does: when we find an author we like, we tend to get a lot of their work, especially when they're easy to read. I never said Gaiman was pro-Christian, just that he wasn't anti-Christian or conservative in the past, which is true. You f'n love
Science? Good. Go read Ascent to Orbit by Arthur C. Clarke; I did that in high school, you sycophantic prophylactic covered cowards.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.


  1. Literally just using a thesaurus now. Fake nerd boys are the worst.

  2. Literally just using a thesaurus now. Fake nerd boys are the worst.