Tuesday, August 16, 2016

SFF crowdfunding of note: Cirsova magazine and Starship Grifters Universe

Fierce readers, to arms! By arms, I mean pull out your wallet, we have some good material to make happen. Yes, I am advocating Kickstarting two projects at this time. As ones in the future come to my attention that are worthy, I'll post them here also.

Firstly, if you haven't read either of the first issues of CirMsova magazine, you are missing out. There's some fine SFF old school fiction going on within its pages. My favorite entry so far has been the first two parts of My Name is John Carter, which won't continue in these issues, but after them, we hope to see their return. Jeffro Johnson has also written for this magazine, and Misha Burnett put out an excellent Lovecraftian piece set in what he terms Eldritch Earth, which reportedly will occupy an entire issue in the future. Here's the project page, I recommend hardcover.

Secondly, Robert Kroese has a page for a smattering of things in the universe of his Starship Grifters. This book is my current read, and it's a good parody of a certain popular franchise so far. This project has a slew of new things:  an expanded version of a short story, a new novella following a different character in the universe, a sequel novel, and the first novel is in there in case you don't have it. He also has a couple of levels with books by other authors: Nick Cole's Ctrl Alt Revolt!, Bill the Vampire by Rick Gualteri, and The Last Volunteer by Steve Wetherell. You can get some good value here.

Some of you might wonder why I'm asking you to support projects this way. Bills and expenses have to paid up front. We have authors that are fighting the Narrative, and creating good work. Supporting these voices will mean we're eventually not possible to ignore. Shareholders will see growth outside of mainstream publishing, and perhaps sue over mismanagement. SJWs started a fight amidst the collapse of their side of the genre. Let's get some contrast really showing by growing the opposition.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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