Monday, August 22, 2016

Post- Hugo thoughts

Everyone else seems to be doing this, I suppose that I should as well.

Hmm... I'd rather spend time reading and reviewing more books, honestly, but I already did that today.

Nuts to you Neil Gaiman. You will never see another dime from me, and I suspect, many others. That's ok, your recent work has been in decline. Perhaps it has to do with marrying a woman that wants an open marriage? Abandoning the life you had in Minnesota, where you raised your children, and had a home capable of inspiring you? Giving in to the hatred that leftist atheists so consistently have for Christianity, and anything conservative? You are dead to me.

It's also comforting to know that anyone involved in any way with the great works of science fiction and fantasy aren't going to get Hugos. I mean Jerry Pournelle and Larry Elmore only contributed more and better work when they came out of retirement than the liberal hacks have done at their best. Razorfist showed great knowledge and passion for The Shadow, as well as doing comic retrospectives on par with anything DC or Marvel have done COMMERCIALLY, if with language and strong opinions. ALL of the best related category was good work, and worthy of recognition. Good to know that you don't read anything before 1970(I'll be generous).

Social Justice Warriors, you are why Vox Day exists as an editor, author, and blogger. You're why Nick Cole had a bestseller without a publisher. You're why Brian Niemeier and Declan Finn are currently self publishing, and SciPhi Journal, Cirsova, and Compelling Science Fiction came into existence. You just made Dave Truesdale a hero, and likely made Tangent Online more influential than File 770.

SocJus, you are why I exist. You have disemployed people, so I write with an alias. You have whined and lied about tabletop gaming, so I've had to defend Games Workshop and it's fans(I really don't like GW personally). You have obscured good work by pretending to be gatekeepers, so I have been searching for works, and reviewing them. I only started at the start of 2016. My influence is growing.

You continually create new enemies by shouting them down, disqualifying them, and disowning legends? Congratulations on your victory. Too bad this is a war, not a battle. You will not win. And your reputations lost this day.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.


  1. What happen at the Hugos this time around?

  2. Indeed. New post has the details, after a brief response to Reddit haters.

  3. Now that's the kind of piss and vinegar I like to see in a blogger. Welcome to my blog feed, and if I start spamming your comments, you can blame Jeffro - it was his G+ recommendation that led me here.

  4. You've obviously never read anything by Gaiman if you think he's ever been particularly friendly to Christianity. Always the fake nerd boys hopping on a bandwagon to whine about things they know nothing about.