Sunday, June 18, 2017

Injustice Book Review: Down to Sheol by M. T. White

Cower not, fierce reader! Today we have a slight departure from my normal choices of fiction for this venue; we've got CRIME! Now, I wouldn't consider this a pulp story, but it's got plenty to commend it. ON TO THE CHARGES!

First, our protagonist is an Army veteran, just discharged. More to that, his cousin is also an Army vet, with significant PTSD and coping issues. There's a great deal of sympathy for the condition, something the left has little affection for. PTSD in their mind is for fake victims of men looking at them wrong.

Second, our villains are a web of corruption woven through the county. The levels of deception within this story on the part of  the bad guys is honestly dizzying. The fact that none of them think somebody else might be playing them just boggles the mind.

Most of the crimes against SocJus boil down to these issues. However, there's also a portrayal of Christianity that has plenty of room for mercy. There's a desire for healing and peace, for letting go of pain and recovering. To admit that one has a need for healing, that one is in fact flawed, is beyond the SocJus ideals.

Now, I would not call this a pulp crime novel. The pacing is a bit slow for me to look at it in that way. That said, there's still a lot to like in this book, if you like crime novels. I do not recommend it for those that don't, there's some content that fits the story very well. 

If you want a modern crime story with hope, I definitely put this as a good volume. 7 of 10 fell deeds

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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