Saturday, September 23, 2017

Ok, I'm starting back up.

Sorry, folks for the absence. I've had an injury that has kept me shut in and affected my concentration this last week. Thankfully, I'm recovering, and will get back up to speed soon. Yes, I've also fallen behind on my reading. I should get back up and into my normal pacing soon; I've got a quick review set I'm partway through the reading for(unless I just split them all up), an anthology to get reviewed, and Cirsova 6 is almost ready for me to write my review(as in not done yet). Oh, yeah. I also tried out a game yesterday with two players that I want to try with more, but was really interesting.

Now, that I've gotten some of the other stuff out of the way, I posted a drawing for Rocketo just over a week ago, and received four comments on it.  And, the winner is: Man of the Atom!

I'll be contacting you shortly(maybe before you have a chance to read this).

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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