Sunday, December 3, 2017

Projects post 12/3/17

I figure I might try to give a little update on where things are with writing for me right now.

MAGA 2020 and Beyond has come out and done ok. We've got some decent reviews for it on Amazon, but of course, can always use more. From the reviews:

I was amazed to enjoy every single story.- Man in the Middle
It was a fun read from authors that I like and gives me a chance to smile & be excited about our country. Excited like I was during the Reagan years.- SuzeQ

Now, I've done a little bit of other writing as well, and have a couple more short pieces out for future publication(we'll see when that happens).

 I am also working on a first draft for a novella, having a good time, and at currently around 11k words. I've got ideas for two other books as well, one a sequel and one I want a little help with. More on the current project(and sequel) later.

I need to get a feeling for a lot of US places for one of them. I'd appreciate some summaries of them from folks that live in or near. Here's the real kicker I want help with: I also want some local SJW flavor. I don't need names, but nicknames would be helpful.

If you want to help, email me here: Use SocialJustice as the subject line.

Oh, you want to know what the project is? Well, there's a cooperative game called Pandemic where everyone goes around the world curing illnesses. I've imagined(for now) a parody game called Social Justice, that is uncooperative, as each player has their pet agenda. So, I'd appreciate the help, and maybe the game can exist too at some point, so it can be played. And as we know...

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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