Monday, April 4, 2016

If you get rid of the white males in tabletop games, you won't have any games.

It's been awhile. I've been remiss in my writing, and haven't finished the Kyle Gabhart interview.  SJWs have interfered with my writer's block, though.

So this week, a post decrying sexual harassment in tabletop gaming has been making waves. You may read it here. The laughable part is the sheer improbability of all the stories. In fact, I've seen more harassment from women in game stores than men. Why? They can get away with it. But, since I hate whinging liars, I'm going to address each of these stories. Apologies if this gets old, they don't provide much material to really work with.

The author's story about Malifaux and Wyrd miniatures: MIGHT have some truth to it. Of course, I'm of the opinion the author is confusing highly defensive game designers with threats of violence. After all , she(self-identified) wrote to the company and Wyrd did nothing. Which tells me that either: 1. She's lying and didn't provide documentation, or 2. She can't tell a fraudulent account from a real one, and has been conned, or 3. She thinks they can't tell a fraudulent account from a real one. Disagreement is not threatening.

The 13yo and the 40k players: NO SALE. Any store owner I know would not act such, and the 40k players I know would beat up said owner, not join in the chorus. BTW, I don't like 40k; the players I know are largely cool.

Terrorism charge: That's good stuff you're on. Death threats are not terrorism. They are illegal, and if police aren't willing to do paperwork, you're not being emailed threats, or you'd be able to provide them with information they need. Real names aren't necessary for the report, just the one on the email. You have an address, and good computer techs can get IPs pretty easily. The UN paper on cyberbullying was such a joke they retracted it. The days when you can  quote yourself, directly or indirectly, are over in such areas.

Keycon rape: A friend hands you the Pepsi, and you wake up with a strange man's hand in your pants? Are you still friends with this person? Is Keycon code for a frat sex party? I have problems believing in Canadian gamers that would do this. You're likely a drunken slut; regret is not rape.

Police reports: Doubtful. Most of us know police are not for our protection, they're for government's. As to intimidating women out of filing reports or pressing charges, if you find questions intimidating, you shouldn't leave home. Lawyers will cross examine you, and if you are lying, you will be torn to shreds. See the recent trial of John Gomeshi.

2009 game store: It was 2009. Were you unable to get a webcam to RECORD EVERYTHING? You won a human rights case against him, but criminal cases require documented evidence, not he said, she said. With planning and preparation, you could have imprisoned the guy, IF he did what you say he did.

Low visibility: I'd say you just made yourself highly visible. With your IP(findable), and your stories, it can be found out exactly who you are, and the veracity of your words will be checked. Gamergate is very thorough. As to gaming being unsafe for women, poppycock. I know a few high profile women in the gaming world who have no such stories, even after hanging out with people they only know online.

Find another hobby: Women should stay away from psychopaths. But to call gamers losers is nothing we haven't heard for DECADES. If you are not capable of identifying psychopaths, you should stay home. And not leave. We don't need you, and you clearly hate us.

Self defenseless: Yes, if you have to defend yourself physically, you've experienced a crime. Doesn't matter if you're a man or woman, crime doesn't care. Self Defense is a good idea. As to the drama, everything I've read there says she's stirring up drama.

Pokemon WC: Mentally unbalanced people are dangerous, no doubt. If asylums and sanitariums were open again, they'd be full of those not inclined to crime but incapable of coping with reality. Blame the ACLU, not white men.

White male terrorism: I get the feeling you have a fetish for appearing as the victim in a snuff film. Not that you wish to die(I don't know that), but the portrayal turns you on.

Models like me: I can actually believe this one. It's not criminal, though, just social awkwardness and a lack of manners.

Drop in RPG session: See previous statement.  If there's enough market, start your own store, and you can cater to the minorities.

Comics and groping: Not buying it.

Gaming justice: Look, Pimp: the Backhanding is sketchy, sure. It's also a joke. These same people also love Cards Against Humanity. Learn to take a joke, but also, get some taste.

No straightmen games: Never seen groping at a store that wasn't between a couple in a relationship, and haven't seen much of that, thankfully. Or are handshakes harassment, now?

Legion/Circle/Goose: Never seen that, and I'd expect the offender to be kicked, male or female. Where did Privateer Press touch you?

Oh, look, you invited the Sad Puppies and GamerGate. No hate for the Rabid Puppies?  Yeah, you made yourself fair game. Cosplay is not Consent is a bit silly. Sure, they have the right not to be groped, etc., but photos? Get outta costume if you don't want to be in photos.

I-Con: Given your SJW credentials, I'll need to see proof you OWN A SKIRT. Then we can talk about the fact that wargamers gonna wargame, not grab your ugly ass.

Predators: Go read the Safe Space as Rape Room articles from Castalia House, once it's back up.  The predators are liberals, not conservatives. I'm not a fan of Ben Shapiro, but he was right in saying "Facts don't care about your feelings." . The fact that you discuss perceived reality is telling as to your grip on it, or rather, lack thereof.

Game free from harassment: Agreed. Quit nagging us, you lying, ignorant slut.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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