Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wyrd Responses

In relation to the Emily Garland blogpost, and the article on, I reached out to Wyrd miniatures for an interview. They politely declined, due to the nature of the topic.(I'll reflect on this a little later.) They also pointed me to not one, but two statements, one regarding sexism and one regarding community.

Looking at the first statement, they start off well. Not discussing any individual incidents, as some may be under investigation, and color someone's perception in a trial, is wise. Tainted juries waste taxpayer resources, and can get criminals freed(assault, rape, etc.) , not to mention the extra inflicted emotional distress on the victim. Second, moderating the forum with an iron fist is a good step, keep things from becoming inflammatory.  They also state to let them know of any incidents of harassment or discrimination. Again, good play, keep it quiet until it's been investigated, then take action.

Now to the parts of the first statement I have issues with, and it's not pretty. Here are two factors I outright find troubling: first, that they have a Code of Conduct for their henchmen(community organizers). Largely their business, but as Vox Day's SJWs Always Lie tells us, CoCs can easily be abused, and are usually designed for such by SJWs. From the CoC: "Any behavior that is disrespectful of a member of the community (or a potential member of the community) will not be tolerated." There are clear problems with this. Some people are not worth respecting, as they attempt to undermine community, and the whole point of what the group is about. See Mozilla, see Beamdog, see Twitter and Facebook for examples of this. SJWs will collude and slander someone they see as a threat to them, or a trophy to brag about for dissemploying. Then there's this tidbit:"I'd like to take a moment to thank those individuals who have come to our defense, but I'd like to make it clear that questioning other people's integrity is not beneficial.". Um what? If someone is provably a liar, and trusted by certain members of a group, they're likely all liars. People that will lie to your face, and then stab you in the back for a sense of accomplishment POISON communities like those that grow around any game. They also mention some naming controversy the didn't realize they had. Naming a character Lust, and not thinking some might find it offensive? Oh, you weren't talking about Christians.

Onto the second statement. Hmm: "It is because of this that we do not tolerate or condone any behavior that harasses, makes uncomfortable, insults, or otherwise diminishes another person. We don't tolerate it within our company, and we don't tolerate it within our community". Try again, and take a look at your models. It's not hard to see how they might make some uncomfortable. That said, I don't care about their models, I'm not into their game. Denouncing harassment? Sure, but you also state discrimination is always wrong. I'm not allowed to not like to play with an unpleasant person? Rubbish. Yes, I'm going by a strict definition of descrimination based on the Latin: a distinguishing(or differentiating). Merit has a lot to do with discrimination, don't let the SJWs lull you into other belief. There's some nice charts here on the ACT and SAT. Individuals indeed vary greatly, but genetics is a large determinant in IQ. I'm not making a case against minorities, to be clear. I'm making a case that someone might be interested in a game and not have the mental capacity to actually play it. Then, when they're pwned, they can't deal with it, and "harassment" gets thrown into the mix.  

Now as to Wyrd refusing to do interviews: They think they're in big trouble if they talk to anyone. They're pretty much right. Vox and it's ilk would edit and misconstrue everything for a hit piece, they're of the "listen and believe" camp. Someone like me? Well, I'm not well known, but I'm not afraid to make enemies. The mere fact that they talked to me would get some to abandon them, once I was pointed out to SJWs. That they're caving on some points of creativity tells me they're already infested at some level, and willing to sacrifice their game to the people they believe are their audience.  Have fun with the sales drop you'll eventually see.

My recommendations? Play with people you know. Have witnesses that you can trust. Record everything where it is legal, get permissions to do so if required by law. Now that this has been officially entered into the SJW playbook, you'll need to watch for it at tournaments and conventions.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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  1. I blogged about that nonsense too. Nice to see not everyone has taken the Kool-aid.

    Keep it up.