Monday, October 10, 2016

Aren't we like that?

In my new job, one of the "perks" is that we get to listen to popular radio. I have not needed a reminder as to why I hate top 40, nor did I desire confirmation, but I have it nonetheless. Drek.

This morning, of course the debate was mentioned and talked about, but not in a substantive manner, nor were the rhetorical points covered.  Then the script turned into a 20 minute white knighting segment against the "Trump tape".  They said things along the lines of "I don't know anyone who would...:" "I've never heard....", and "My boys and husband would never..."

WHAT LIES. I've spent two weeks listening to your drivel you consider music. You must not have any clue as to how many songs your station plays about sex, confusing and conflating it for love. I guess nobody can finish this line "The Internet is really really great".  Nobody watched Sex in the City, The L Word, Californication, Red Shoe Diaries, or Inside Amy Schumer. (I could believe the last one.)  People bought, but didn't read 50 shades of Grey, or watched the "film"? The White House didn't recently host the gun control group "Cocks not Glocks"?  And I guess John Ringo never won that award for Ghost. Attention, everyone: Rule 34 is just a myth.Glad we cleared that up.

Unlike the media, I am willing to acknowledge the sin around me, some of which I must admit to partaking of. I've worked as a cab driver, I've driven railroad crews, I've sweated along in a  plumbing company. I've done more than this, and I know there are others with a more diverse spread of occupations than I've had. My point is that I don't live in a bubble, and I know for certitude, that people of all sorts will make course jokes and tell stories. I've heard stories that would make some puke.

Do I defend what Mr. Trump said? No, I'm not a playboy, nor do I admire the type, not in reality. That said, it was 11 years ago, and I'm willing to believe that he has grown and changed. Until I've seen proof otherwise. I mean, his wife RickRolled the RNC and wore a "pussy bow" blouse at the debate. (I thought that was a joke when I first saw the words.) Is he brash, a bit of a loudmouth, and willing to push to get his way? Yep. Maybe we need that at this point.

Russia's been prepping for war, drilling it's civilians and moving it's arms. The USA has broken it's word in dealing with Russia and the Syrian "rebels". Our arms have been getting into the hand of ISIS as if by design. IF we are to be working on those problems, we need to do so with clear objectives, and not be possibly seen as the bad guys. That's our current problem in foreign policy: we are too easily seen as the bad guys. Maybe we have been. Perhaps it's time to repent of this foreign policy, among other sins.

If you'll excuse me, I need to pray.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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