Friday, October 7, 2016

Time for some current comics talk.

I haven't written about comic books recently, and there's been some interesting new books, and yes some of these interest me enough to write about. Please note, most of these are not kid friendly, and I will note ones that are.

Lake of Fire from Image- Here's an interesting medieval tale during the crusades. By the way, there's aliens, or possibly demons, I've slept since reading issue one. I'm not certain where the Catholicism angle will be ultimately taken, and I'm a touch leery of that, but otherwise, the story's got my attention.

Frostbite from Vertigo- Since Chuck Dixon isn't printing any Winterworld right now, this might be a decent substitute. Another frozen apocalypse, this one has a unique illness, revenge, promises, and, at least in the first issue, hope. I will be reading, at least until they inflict a bad idea on me.

The Land That Time Forgot from American Mythology- Yep, an Edgar Rice Burroughs comic not from Dynamite or the estate. Two issues in, I have to say this feels pretty good. I have not read the books, though, so I'm not the best judge, but I'm willing to keep on with it. Kids can read this pretty safely.

Moonshine from Image- Azzarello and Risso stretch their legs away from DC/Vertigo, so I had to check it out. This takes place during Prohibition, and promises to be a criminal's violent descent. No, it's not uplifting, it's a crime book, and half the fun will be all the stuff you couldn't film.

Future Quest from DC- Yes, this is the only book I'm reading with "DC" on it. Take the old Hanna-Barbera characters and put them all into one well written story. Space Ghost, Johnny Quest, Herculoids, etc. Yes, your kids can read this.

Green Valley from Skybound/Image- I saw a preview somewhere, and thought I should try it. I need to wait another issue or two to be sure, but I think I was right. There's a lot of potential going on in the opening chapter of this story, and I hope it fills that. I'd say this was safe for some teens, but not all.

Rough Riders from Aftershock- The story's still good, in fact, it just got a bit surreal. Action, interesting takes on historical characters, and some cool looking tech. A bit steampunkish, but not all over the place.

Triggerman from Titan/Hard Case Crime- Honestly, this book made this week's trip to the shop for me. I've not read the novel this is taken from, but between the story so far, the art, and HCC's collection of novels, and the fact that there's at least one more book coming means Vertigo might need to shape up. Crime comics might have a new king pretty quickly, and they at least have a good home. Nudity and violence not inappropriate to the story. DON'T LET KIDS READ THIS.

Onto a couple of books I should note, because they have "name" creators, and one of them is consistently interesting.

Shipwreck from Aftershock- Warren Ellis wrote this. I should find there to be something interesting here to keep me going. Phil Hester did the art, and it looks right for the story. Unfortunately, this gets a reject from me. I wanted to like it, but there's stuff here that put me way off. And I like crime comics and some horror books. Sorry, Warren, just no.

Captain Kid from Aftershock- Mark Waid scribes this wish fulfillment book, and I'm just not sure it's worth it. There's some interesting time travel stuff with one character, but that really feels like it weakens the book. I will give at least another go, but I'm not invested.

You likely noticed a lot from Aftershock here. That's mostly because they're new and trying a lot of stuff at once. Some I won't even give a try(Animosty), some won't be gotten again. The Daring Eagles story from them was really good, and I only like Garth Ennis in a war comic. I quit the main hero books altogether during DC's New 52, and doubt I'll get back in issues ever.

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