Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Some Musings and News

This is going to be a fairly short post, and I hope to have a book review up later this week. But, I will try to cover a few things here that may have passed below folks' radar.

First, I recently started listening to my friend JimFear138's podcast. He's a part of the Appendix N crowd, and likewise, has very strong opinions. I have found his podcasts to be entertaining thus far, as well as having good talking points. I will say he does curse on occasion, but it's his house, his rules. He is also breaking into audiobooks, and recently landed a fairly large project, so congratulations are in order.

Second, earlier today, Vox Day stated his suspicion that a major player is going to be coming into ebooks soon to challenge Amazon on their own level. Also, Macmillan launched something called Pronoun for ebook distribution; everyone that's looked at this thinks the business model is going to lose them more money. They could just expand Tor if they wanted to do that.  This in addition to looking at the collapse that is happening at Barnes and Noble.

However, Vox's most interesting piece doled out was this:

Yeah. those are pages in the works of a graphic novel of Quantum Mortis. This is EXCELLENT news. First, it shows that Vox is willing to work with a format that personally doesn't interest him (He's stated his lack of care about the Graphic Story Hugo category in the past.). Second, if this does well, this will open up the possibility for some other CH works to be adapted.  While I wouldn't want all of the catalog done so, Mr. Wright's Moth and Cobweb would be ideal, and The Missionaries and Brings the Lightning would also work(Don't believe in Western Comics?). This also would potentially open a possibility for working with Mr. Chuck Dixon, which I would welcome with no reservation.

Lastly, L. Jagi Lamplighter is trying to put together a list of Superversive SF. If you have any suggestions, or want some of what to read, go over and check it out. Of course, my reviews should keep most of those that stop by pretty busy, but I'm also mostly focused on newer material.

Speaking of, I'll be shifting that within my Quick Reviews this year slightly. I'm going to try to have one Appendix N or similar book in each of those. More of trying to balance my reading  than anything else. OK, I really wanted to read more Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard. Still better stuff than most of the current tradpub schedule.

Well, I thought it was going to be shorter.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.


  1. "Vox Day stated his suspicion that a major player is going to be coming into ebooks soon to challenge Amazon on their own level."

    My money's on Alibaba. They're already in the massive (but very different) Chinese eBook market, and they're even bigger than Amazon.

  2. I figured that as well, but didn't want to voice it. It would require a physical presence in the US, and would be the easiest entry point, then expand to the rest of their business model here.