Sunday, February 12, 2017

Injustice Book Review: Daughter of Danger by John C. Wright

Cower not, fierce readers! Though I am later than I'd like with this review, I am well pleased to tell you this is a tome worthy of Mr. Wright, and has plenty of crimes against Social Justice. To the charges!

Of course, our primary charge must be that this is penned by Mr. Wright. I won't go into those details again, but it is a heavy charge against this work.

Next charge: though our protagonist is a female, this is an action story, and there is violence against her. We are reliably told that even in war, this is unacceptable. Nor is she all capable, but instead has to find out her abilities. Very minor spoiler: she doesn't know who she is at the start, and part of the tale concerns that.

Of course, we must face the charge that there is good and evil within this book. And while things are perhaps not so well defined as in the Green Knight's Squire arc, there's good reasons for that, and they are still very palpable.  We have counts of honor and trust observed and given freely to face here as well.

While there are more charges that could be leveled at this tale, I'm going to set them aside for more standard discussion of the book.  We briefly get a glimpse of some of our friends from the earlier tales, and while there's little time or interaction, it is good to see old friends.

While I loved Swan Knight's Son, THIS is the book that makes me hope the graphic adaptation of Quantum Mortis does well. It begs for it, between the type of story we are told, and the characters. So please support that project, that this might become reality.

9 of 10 fell deeds

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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