Monday, February 27, 2017

Kickstarter Project Highlights

Well, I promised a post covering some of the projects on Kickstarter. Let's see what's in the box!

First, I'm going to discuss Exodus: Event Horizon from NKSN Games, as this project ends soon. This is for the second expansion to this game, as well as a run of the base game. I really like the game, it has great aspects of 4x and euro games. The game rules as written do have a problem with a cool but clunky movement system, and also it recommends movement in order from last to first, which I personally think is a bad idea, as it adds to a runaway leader issue these games can tend to have. Other than that, the game is really cool.

Next up, Empires of the Void II from Red Raven Games.  This game just launched, but I figured I'd cover the other space game at the same time. This appears to be a more limited style of 4x game, more casual, but with some nice potential, and Ryan Laukaut does some very nice art. The rulebook is linked on the project page, so feel free to check it out. A gameplay video should be up in a few days as well.

What's that? You want an anime fueled 2 player skirmish game? Relic Knights 2nd edition might just be something you'd like. That said, it's got diceless combat, and the focus appears to be more on pretty miniatures than anything else, but it might be a good game. I haven't done the research on it.

AEG has decided to resurrect one of its more successful games with Thunderstone Quest.. If you don't know the original Thunderstone, it's a deck building dungeon crawler that let you upgrade characters and equipment, and be turned back by beasts you couldn't handle. They've added a quest system and consulted players to improve the game, which gives me some hope, but I'm also wary.
I've been warned the SocJus is strong with this one.

You like dinosaurs? Who doesn't? In Dinosaur Island, you get to play out your version of THAT park. Push you chances with dangerous dinos, hire security, improve your labs, add some rollercoasters. Try to turn a profit while keeping your guests safe(r).

Let's all kill Hitler! Black Orchestra is a cooperative game from Game Salute(caveat emptor) where players take the roles of real life conspirators that attempted to end Hitler's life. I really wish this were from another company, as GS has left a bad taste in my mouth in the past(over a year ago). In fact, I wish Osprey Games specifically were publishing this. But they've supposedly shaped up since those days, and maybe they have.

Eagle Games has woken up and brought out a campaign for Can't Stop Express. That said, they're a little late to the shared dice roll game after Quixx has been out as long as it has. On the other hand, we're dealing with a classic Sid Sackson game as a base to work with. The game is simple, cheap, and fast. My biggest issue might be the possibility of identical scores consistently.

Now for a couple of rpg related items:

Print the Legend is a game set in the Old West. They've listed a table of contents, and while I like Westerns and RPGs, I am personally wary of RPG projects. This might be a good exception.

You like maps? You want to make maps easier? Hex Kit is a bit of software with tiles that have been designed by hand to create interesting maps. The tiles are initially drawn by hand, and loaded into the software. $10 gets you fantasy tiles only, $20 gets you space, and $30 gets beta access. There are plenty of cool looking videos to check out the map program at work.

And finally, for those interested in Weird Fiction, Skelos Press is doing an anthology named Chicken Fried Cthulhu. There a ways short of their goal right now, so if you liked volume one of their magazine, you might consider this.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.


  1. Thunderstone Quest has a hardcore SJW on lead design and I would avoid. I am a fan of Thunderstone in the past but can't support their current team.

  2. The link to Hex Kit brings me to Print the Legend page.