Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pulp Comics: Cowboy Ninja Viking

You're looking at the title and either thinking "What"? or How awesome is this going to be?".   I'll be happy to let you know just how awesome this is.

First, name your three favorite types of warrior archetype/class, if we were talking RPGs. Great. Now, apply them to someone with multiple personality disorder. YEAH.This is definitely a pulp style book.  The book was printed in a Golden Age size, rather than the modern size, and honestly, the art would likely feel constrained at a smaller size.

Those three guys doing the work? Yeah, they're all the guy talking in the bottom panel. This book made great choices with art and the depiction of the disorder. Yes, I know it's not realistic. It's FUN, and that's what makes the story.

Our main character is Duncan, a triplet. Yeah, he's got MPD, and his personalities have been transformed into very different killing machines. From the beginning, we've got action, multiple plots, and lots of setup done well before the action starts. There's no drawn out origin story, and the action and psychoses flow freely from the beginning, as do the conspiracies. Time for more art.

Yeah, the book is not afraid to poke fun at itself or other comics. The story twists and turns like a mountain road, while being drive backwards: you only get to see glimpses of the whole thing, and if you're lucky, you can piece together a whole picture. Oh, for those still interested, Chris Pratt is attached to a movie project in the works. They're looking for a director still.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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