Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Day post: Kickstarters to look at

Yeah, I know. Most people do a post about being grateful for what they have and the people around them. I saw my family last weekend, ok?

First up, is one that I'll grab eventually, but can't currently. Flash Gordon for Savage Worlds. This look like they know and love the material. And while I have no experience with Savage Worlds, the presentation so far is dead right.

Now to something more active. Mars Open: Tabletop Golf is a flicking game that goes above and around  stuff. Watch the videos for some cool action. And as a dexterity game, this will be either hot or cold for people.

Side Effects is a party game(cards) about dealing with mental illness, the treatment thereof, and the problems the treatments may give.

Commies! is another party game, this time about gaining control of the Party. Politics, deals, and backstabbing. Possibly some erasure from history as well.

Mountaineers is a 3D climbing boardgame, which claims a lot ov variability due to double sided walls and a deck our climbing routes to follow.

Now for a couple of graphic novel projects

Beasts of the Black Hand is a WWII dieselpunk book, with mysticism and moody art. Ron Marz is writing, so let that be part of your guide if you know his material.

Adventures of the 19xx, book four looks like a pulp adventure, with a focus on the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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