Monday, October 2, 2017

As it's October....

A lot of folks start posting for Halloween. Now, I do like a bit of spookiness, though I'm not into shock and gore horror.

Anyway, if you're of a mind, I've a few recommendations for binge watching shows during this month.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents- One of the most entertaining well made shows, period. No, there aren't monsters, but it does show how easy it is for man to be monsters. Also, one of the music introductions ever, which is unfortunately missing here.

Ray Bradbury Theater- Well, of course I'm going to list this great, imaginative, and most ages appropriate show. The opening his great, in that we see a bit of his past, and a version(perhaps fictional) of his process.

The Veil- Hosted by Boris Karloff, this was a short lived anthology show. But the episodes are still pretty well done, if aimed at those interested in the Spiritualist movement at the time.

While YouTube doesn't have any full episodes I can find, Rod Serling's Night Gallery had some really interesting tales, even if the show was not as good as his Twilight Zone(only watch the original of that, the reboot's terrible)

Kolchak, the Night Stalker(again, see the original) was a great show, and Darren McGavin played the investigative reporter after the truth wonderfully.

And of course I recommend the original Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. This listing is far from a complete list of good spooky entertainment that still managed to be on the clean and harmless side. Edginess is no advantage, just an excuse for sex, gore, and blasphemy,  when you can tell great and chilling stories without, and these shows demonstrate the weakness of that crutch well.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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  1. Alfred Hitchock Presents was an awesome show. It's the main reason I love horror.