Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Injustice Anthology Review: For a Few Credits More

Cower not, fierce reader! Today we are looking at the newest entry in the Four Horsemen universe from editors Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey. There's a lot of action in here, and if that's what you're after open it up and sit down.

Butch and Sundance by Peter Cawdron- This follows a bounty hunter, his partner, and his bounty as they uncover a plot to keep a scientific breakthough a complete secret.

Where Enemies Sit by Rob Howell- A leader of a merc company deployment faces trial for executing his contract which turned to be a frame between occupying species for some mystery.

Boss by Scott Moon, and Leverage by Josh Hayes- I'm putting these stories together because they're linked at a few points, which is both cool and maddening when characters die. But we've got a kid hiding vital commission information, a merc company desperate for the cash, a Peacemaker both overzealous and corrupt, and local law that pursues justice, even if a touch over eagerly.

Luck of the Draw by J. R. Handley and Corey D. Truax- A human bounty hunter deep in debt gets a chance at a way out by helping an investigation into the organization his bookie works for. A former merc, he gets a chance to return to discipline and helping with the search for justice.

Contract Fulfuilled by Tim C. Taylor- An engineer is captured by a merc company for a high ranking official in a corporate espionage episode. The company is led by two sisters, one addicted to danger, the other a CASPer operator.

Emancipation by Mark Wandrey- We get a visit with Cartwright's Cavaliers, as they end up with a Peacekeeper contract to prove a genocidal attempt by a Union member.

Forbidden Science by Terry Mixon- We get a glimpse of the Science Guild's school and politics. We also get to see the vast differences between a scientist merely seeking knowledge and one motivated by greed, not comprehending the consequences of the science itself.

Change of Command by Thomas A. Mays- A merc company is vastly underprepared and poorly commanded through a bit of land rivalry in farming for some mysterious compounds. With a continual loss of life, how do they proceed to survive?

A Family Tradition- The youngest son of a family who'd been forbidden merc service gets a chance to revive his dead brother's company.

Go for Bait by T. C. Butcher- A merc company without enough intel on the native race is assigned a role protecting a site in a civil war.

The Kra'Daar by Chris Winder- A race still adjusting to the Galactic Union assists a Peacemaker in his hunt for a mysterious arsonist.

Bloood of Innocents by James Young- A small merc company gets hired without enough information, and one of the members already has outlived two companies...

Messenger by Nick Cole- This is a four part tale of the CEO, the surviving member of a merc company, and the secret the survivor has found and sworn to protect. Each part is a different glimpse of the story, from one part of the story to another.

Faith by Chris Kennedy- A merc in a special prison gets an opportunity at pardon, for a great cost.

Tinkerman by Jake Bible- An old merc in hiding has to call in all his favors as the Peacemakers track him down after many years. His medical and engineering knowledge mean he has a LOT of favors in a backwater small town.

The Start of Something Beautiful by Kacey Ezell- This is the start of a novel featuring the freakiest pairing in the Four Horsemen universe, a Flatar and a Tortantula, at the very beginning.  There's been a couple spots where they've been presented with real personality, but the giant spider warriors still give me the creeps.

Honestly, if you like milsf, you really should be reading the series and anthologies. 8 of 10 fell deeds.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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