Saturday, October 21, 2017

Couple of comics I'm dropping, and why

Well, I tried to see how these would work. One, the first arc was entertaining, and it's the second arc that has gone all radical feminism. The other was a new book with a cool concept, only it decided to be degenerate from the start.

Codename: Babushka by Anthony Johnstone  is the book in the second arc. It follows a former Russian crime boss turned to a US government pawn. The first arc was pretty good, but I should have seen the warning signs over in his book The Fuse. That one went from cool sf police procedural(lived in sf) to tossing in "this character's gay!" out of NOWHERE. No sign of it in the first two stories.

Well, he pulled that here, plus in the back he has feminist essays (including lesbian and transgender agenda pushing).  This new arc has been less fun each issue, really. Oh, the art is a bit different than the first arc, not bad, but it is lessor. But the agenda is HUGE here. I'm surprised he hasn't gone and made the bad guys a conspiracy of Catholic and Orthodox priests working together.

The other was Made Men, which just had its second issue come out. The premise is honestly cool. A cop and her team(yes, another female led thing, I was willing to try) get ambushed and all killed. She's of the Frankenstein line, and comes back due to family serum she's been pumped with. She goes to get revenge and gets tied to a crime lord. Cool premise, I think. But they go and push activist lesbianism in the second issue, and there's also the playing with combining two people together(neither had enough to be brought back), and combining a human body with a lion's head.

There's no sign of consequence to actions in sight. And while the concept is decent, the whole point of Frankenstein was the need for looking at consequences. The creators apparently wanted to do an agenda driven horror/crime comic. Sure it's early, but if there are no signs of real consequences now, I think they'll take too long to show. 100 Bullets had consequences all along the way, with the knowledge that there was a price.

More independent books would be worthwhile if they didn't focus on being degenerate, but telling a story.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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