Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Some boardgames for that October mood

A couple of days ago, I posted a list of older TV shows to help set the mood for the crowd that loves Halloween and harmless thrills and chills.

Today, I've got a partial list of boardgames for that same effect.

We start with one of the big ones, even if it's expansion is junk. Betrayal at House on the Hill from Hasborg's(they assimilate anything they encounter) Avalon Hill division is really more of an experience than a balanced game. Oh, yes, there are rules, but part of the whole thing is that the game is cooperative until it isn't. Players are exploring a haunted mansion until one of them gets taken over, and then the game is all vs. one.

Perhaps you want zombies instead. Well there is ZERO shortage of games with those, from Twilight Creatiions' Zombies!!! to Dead of Winter to Zombicide. At any rate, these games all have things to kill, some have individual goals, and there's a very wide selection of other stuff in this part of the genre.

Of course, we can't ignore the Shuggoth in the corner. There are also an abundance of Lovecraftian games, from two player card games to Elder Sign(aka Cthulu Yahtzee), Arkham Horror, and a lot of stuff that doesn't even come from Fantasy Flight Games(they've got a lot of  the market).

And of course we can't forget vampires. The best choice for this is Fury of Dracula. Good luck catching him, or if you're playing as him, you've got other victory conditions.

Then there are also games a bit closer to reality, like Mr. Jack, a two player game set in whitchapel, and The Bloody Inn, based on a case of over 50 murders at a small village inn in France.

And there are tons of other games, from Gloom(for the Ed Gorey aesthetic) to Nightfall(werewolf deckbuilding fight) to postapocalyptic and alien invasion games.  And if you want something else, well there's always RPGs.  I've heard tell that Dread is a great choice to play in low lighting.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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