Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dragon Short List, and the recommendations of Injustice

As most of my readers are likely aware by now, the shortlist for the Dragon Awards was announced a couple of days ago. So, I'm going to go through each category and discuss what I've read/played, and my recommendations. My selections are strictly based on what I've read, and believe to be the best book of those, not my relationship with the authors.

Best SF Novel- I have read Escaping Infinity, The Secret Kings, and The Collapsing Empire. I have literally NO idea how people thought Scalzi's book was worth nominating. Of the two others, I prefer Brian's The Secret Kings, though Richard's book might be a touch more accesible. My vote: The Secret Kings.

Best Fantasy: I've only read Vox's book. And I haven't read anyone outside of him, Corriea, and Ringo in the shortlist here. So, I have to say: A Sea of Skulls.

Best YA: The only one here I've read is Swan Knight's Son, and that was the BEST book I read last year. Period.

Best MilSF: I've read Rescue Run, Starship Liberator, Cartwright's Cavaliers, and have also read a couple of Richard Fox's other novels. I actually doubt there's a BAD book in the category, though I did find Starship Liberator a bit weak. The Eric Flint book will likely win, but my vote is going to Cartwright's Cavaliers.

Best AltHistory: My only read from the category shortlist to date is No Gods, Only Daimons. My vote is there, and I would not be surprised if he, Turtledove, or Flint won.

Best Apocalyptic: I've read Codename: Unsub, and A Place Outside the Wild. Both are good, but A Place Outside the Wild was WOW.

Best Horror: I've only read Live and Let Bite, though a lot of my friends like Blood of Invidia. Outside those, I've little likelihood of reading them.

Best Comic Book: Saga converged hard over the last two years. I'm actually surprised there's only one hero book.

Best Graphic Novel: Look, I don't care for Butcher's work(don't read it), but good grief, the rest is so SJW that I want to puke.  Girl Genius? What is this, the Hugos? Lousy writing and art that is entertaining in a magazine strip.

Best SFF show: I DON'T CARE

Best SFF movie: I saw Wonder Woman. That's it. It was pretty good.

Best PC/Mobile categories: No opinion, aside from Mass Effect: Andromeda closing the studio and being in GOODWILL inside a year should disqualify it.

Best Boardgame: My vote is going to Scythe, though I think the only bad choice is the Betrayal expansion.

Best "other" tabletop game: I haven't played any, though I'll be happy with anything but Magic.

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