Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Comics Spotlight

Time for a much more fun post! As yesterday was Wednesday, I went to my local comics shop, and picked up three issue ones. Two of these I have great hope for, and the third, well, it didnt' get mucked up YET. If you don't have a local comic shop, or they have a very limited selection and for some reason won't do special orders, I recommend TFAW, via the link at the left.

First, I'm going to point out the new Robotech comic from Titan Comics. This is a touch more grown up than the anime was so far, but not in a bad way. The art is GREAT, and I'm glad to see signs that real artists still work in comics that are fun. The book is a little short, but I'm actually willing to forgive that if they continue to do this well. I'd rather have well thought out and executed stories than filler.

Second, there's another one that should fit that audience, though it doesn't have any previous IP attached: Mech Cadet Yu from Boom! Studios. This evokes a lot of good anime without being tied to the plots, characters, or conventions that they have. We've got GIANT ALIEN ROBOTS, class divide/warfare, and some philosophy of free will. This book is fun and DEEP, you might want to read the issue a few times to get all the things that make for good discussion in here.

So far, I've talked about books that had no sign of SocJus agenda, at least in the writing. Now, onto one I don't have a lot of hope for, and why.

Turok from Dynamite. So far, the story is good, and I picked it up because of the Sovereigns backup story system they're using for those books. I'd already read two or three small parts to the story, and issue one picks up a bit after those, treating them as a prologue. So far, I think the book is solid. So why am I skeptical of its future? It's written by the most painful Star Wars author, Chuck Wendig. On the other hand, he hasn't engaged in any SocJus here yet, and it seems like he actually might have some understanding of how to write comics. I don't have a history with Turok books, so I can't comment there.

Now, if someone wants to counter my slim hope for Turok, and my thoughts on the other two, I'd like to hear them. And maybe have a good comic geek fight, too.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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  1. I know Dynamite put out a Red Sonja comic that was an SJW crap show, so they aren't above that kind of stuff. On the other hand, their Shadow books have been uniformly great.

    Just be wary of Wendig.