Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pulp Comics: Tazan/Carson of Venus

First things first: this is not a story ERB wrote. Or rather, stories, as it also collects the book Tarzan: A Tale of Mugambi. That said, it's well worth a look, and I haven't done one of these for awhile.

Yep. It looks awesome. And the start of the book feels that awesome. Carson is, as is his norm, captured by some people And of course, I mean one of Amtor's myriad races that are hostile to each other. Anyway, his escape occurs at the attack of a great beast, thwarted by someone who surprisingly speaks English: Tarzan. Like I said, ERB never wrote this, but given the interactions, the hostile aliens, and overlapping plot/peril/escape plan, this is very much like one of the Carson Napier books.

The various friends and enemies to be made in Amtor is easily added to, and we are introduced to water people and their giant turtles. We also meet a tribe known as the Timal, who live in the giant trees of the planet. Tarzan and Carson are separated, and we see more individual adventure. Carson's wife has been captured, and, as usual, Carson and Duare end up rescuing each other.

Here's from just before the first escape:

And yes, the artwork is largely very good, with some issues here and there. The inking and coloring is excellent.

The other story is also well done, but is largely a secondary consideration, as it is not even an apocryphal Tarzan adventure, but rather, a take on a creation myth that involves Tarzan.

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