Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Kickstarter Glimpses, August 2017

Now, some of you already know that this month and next are just about the worst time of the year to launch projects. GenCon eats up GOBS of budget for a lot of people, between travel, hotel, events, food, and all the new releases. Doesn't mean people don't try. So here's a look at some interesting ones.

Kingdoms Lawn Game- Yeah, I know it's not a boardgame. It's an outdoor game for boardgamers. Yes, it's pricey, but as the publisher has mentioned in the comments, it's in line with pricing for similar lawn games. Part Bocce, part last man standing.

The Exiled:Siege - Tactics expansion- There's also pledge levels for those that don't have the original game, as I don't think this has reached wide distribution yet. But, it's an interesting coop game of being under siege, building and reinforcing defenses. There's even an add on for plastic siege engine minis.

Paladin: Warriors of Charlemange- If you like some of the ideas of King Arthur Pendragon, but want a bit more historical basis, this might be the RPG for you. Of course, you still have to deal with lots of legend, and the generational aspects are likely tweaked a little.

Total Recall: The Official Tabletop Game- Well, that's a mouthful; at least it's based on the older movie. This looks to be part resistance, part resource and hand management game, with a chance to win even if you get killed.

Reaper Miniatures Bones 4- If you like minis for your RPGs, or just painting them, this is a good way to get a lot of stuff relatively cheaply. The sculpts are pretty good, and some of them look AMAZING for REH style fantasy games, both in heroes and monsters. Now is they would reissue some of the older ones...

Nexus: Scrapyard- A scifi shipbuilding game with interesting action rules/fluff, and some interesting ideas with regard to opportunity cost. This is also apparently the first in a set of games telling a story.

ok, that's some cool game stuff, now for other things!

Amazing Tales of the Wasted Lands- Now this might, just might draw some of the PulpRev crowd. I remember some of the art, and I think one of the graphic novels from this world, and it's cool. It appears to be physical only, but it's not too pricey, either. Hopefully, it's at least as good as my recollection.

Shadow of the West: Legend of the Nightranger- This graphic novel is from someone that's worked on TMNT, the Tick, and a few other things. He's gotten the whole thing written, drawn, and inked, and this looks like fun, just from what I'm seeing. Weird West type fun.

700 Knights- This is actually for the fourth issue, but the previous three are available. This is the story of the Knight of Malta defending the island from the siege of the Ottoman Empire.

Escape from North Korea- Yes, it is an homage to that amazing movie. And The Game of Death. And look, just watch the video there, it's going to be the most awesomely 80's thing since Kung Fury. Plus, supporting an independent filmmaker.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.


  1. Just found your comment on the project Dave Dorman and I are working on: "Amazing Tales of The Wasted Lands" - thanks for the shout-out. Our campaign ends later this week - but you'll be able to track everything going on with this massive project by hitting our website: or by visiting our page on Facebook.

    We hope to get a lot of the PulpRev crowd interested in what we're doing - it's a bold, new experiment in the pulp genre: all the stories take place in the same world, the characters inter-relate between stories, there's one massive story arc that connects everything and, oh yes, we'll be publishing bi-monthly starting in November.

    Look forward to hearing from all of you as we explore The Wasted Lands together.