Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Injustice Book Review: Star Legions(books 1 and 2) by Michael G. Thomas

Cower not, fierce reader! This day, we take a look at a novel by one of the downplayed big indie authors. I just took a chance on this collection, and after reading the first two novels, I can see why he might be pulling down the large numbers Nick Cole has mentioned a few times, as he's got 30 plus books already and puts out more regularly. Anyway, I'm reviewing what I've read of Star Legions, which is currently the first two books. Let's take a look at what charges we can find against the Narrative.

Well, here's a pretty big one: it's a trasplant of a historical story, that of the warrior Xenophon. Yeah, we have glimpses of real history and legends that were foundational to Western Civilization. Greeks, Persians, and more fill the story. The cities and empires have been transplanted to planets, bases, and galactic empire, with the technology being appropriately upgraded.

Another big crime is the portrayal of direct democracy. I know that Vox is an advocate of such, but some of the Greeks had it too, and it resulted in wars that were beyond pointless, destroying both the military and the trust the society had prior. Due to basically mob rule, taxation is apparently high, the military disciplines weakened, and war declared that cannot be won.

There''s an awful lot going on here, and I'm not going to detail the differences between the Terrans(Greeks) and Medians(Persians), never mind the other races and cultures that appear peripherally. The military structure of the historical Greeks is maintained to good effect, emphasizing relationships with command, not just the ability to lead. The weapons used vary from pulse cannon to carbines, to cut down carbines with blades.

The Legions are from the various planets of Terrans, hired by Cyrus the Mede, brother to the Emperor. If you know the history, I don't have to tell you that's a cover. If you don't well, the war's been over for over two thousand years, spoilers need not apply.

If you like history and milsf, I definitely recommend these books. If you don't know, well, the whole series is cheap, but you can get book one for free currently.

History, political theory, mercenaries, and subterfuge. 7 of 10 fell deeds.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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  1. I'll have to add him to my list of authors to keep an eye for new releases.