Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dragon Awards, Revisited

I wouldn't come back to this so soon, except for the fact that, on the fourteenth of April, Dragoncon revised the eligibility window for the Dragon Awards. Sharply. No longer are they at calendar year plus one ore two months, depending on category. Now, they are going to 7/1/2015 to 6/30/2016. That's a neat trick, as nominating ends before that.

I do want them to succeed, and I wrote them to make them aware of the overlap of windows being backwards, and the shadiness of moving the window after opening nominations.

 My current advice: wait until June to nominate, so they can't change the windows again.

Current recommendations:
Best Science Fiction: Somewhither by John C. Wright
Best Fantasy: Son of the Black Sword by Larry Correia
Best YA/Middle Grade: Calamity by Brandon Sanderson
Best Mil SF/F: Counterstrike by Joshua Dalzelle
Best Alternate History: none, A Long Time Until Now is currently ineligible.
Best Apocalyptic: Ctrl Alt Revolt! by Nick Cole
Best Horror: Honor at Stake by Declan Finn
Best Comic Book: The Black Hood, by Duane Swierczynski and Francesco Francavilla
Best Graphic Novel: Invisible Republic vol. 1 by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Sarah Bechko
Best SF/F TV series: The Flash
Best SF/F movie: I'll leave this open for now.
Best SF/F computer/console game: open for now
Best SF/F mobile game: open for now
Best SF/F Board Game: Talon, GMT games
Best SF/F other tabletop game: open for now

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Betrayal at House on the Hill: SJW expansion

For those that haven't heard, yesterday Hasbro/Wizards/Avalon Hill announced an expansion for Betrayal at House on the Hill. Now, you might be thinking, "They should have done this years ago.", and that would be true. They probably saw all the expansions Fantasy Flight Games has put out, and realized there's money in it. I wouldn't comment on this, but the expansion has 50 new haunts written by a gamut of individuals, including Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn. Because we need their drama and lies over here, apparently. There are a LOT of contributors on this, so I'm going to go through the list.

Peter Adkison: Former CEO and founder of Wizards of the Coast. He's got some game cred, and they know him. OK, sure.

Christopher Badell: Of Greater Than Games and designer of Sentinels of the Multiverse and a few others. I'm pretty sure I don't care for his politics, but he doesn't shove it in people's faces. For now.

Keith Baker: No real issues here. The guy's done a lot of work with WotC with DnD 3.5 and 4.

John Borba: Apparently wants to be like Wil Wheaton. Has a couple of You Tube shows with 4 and 5 episodes. No writing or game credits I can find.

Chad Brown: Likely the developer of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Jealous they didn't think of it first?

Bart Carroll: Works for WotC. No special effort here.

Quelle Chris: Hip Hop artist? If that's the one, why? Fame does not make for a good game designer.

Andy Collins: Has some credits with DnD 3.5. Some decent books he put out.

Rob Daviau: One of the original designers, also the designer of Risk Legacy.

Mike Dunlap: I think this might be the designer of Bump in the Night. Or it's the basketball coach.

Chris Dupuis: Another WotC employee.

Don Eubanks: Actor, Borderlands and Duke Nukem Forever video games. Again, Why?

Justin Gary: Magic Pro Tour player. It makes more sense than the hip hop guy and actor.

Jonathan Gilmour: Game designer of Pocket Dungeon and Dead of Winter.

Bruce Glassco: One of the original Betrayal designers.

Eli Halpern: Cards Against Humanity. Hasbro against Game Design.

Will Hindmarch: Has a lot of RPG credits. Of course, where's Project: Dark? Surprised they got him to write anything with being 2 years late on his own game.

Jerry Holkins: Penny Arcade. This hurts my head. Perhaps the list is the 50 new haunts to drive us insane.

Mons Johnson: Magic Pro Tour player, former WotC employee.

Gwendolyn Kestrel: She wrote for some of the late DnD 3.5 books. Not convinced, but ok.

Richard Malena: Math instructor, Pathfinder developer.

Mikey Neumann: Borderlands developer. Meh.

Paul Peterson: One of the Lone Shark development team. Guillotine, among others.

Ben Petrisor: Temple of Elemental Evil boardgame.

Marie Poole: CEO of Lone Shark, apparently.

Zoe Quinn: I shouldn't need to tell you. Depression Quest, and lying to the UN.

Keith Richmond: Has some Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Credits.

Mike Robles: "Community Manager" at Lone Shark. Nice to see so much convergence.

Tifa Robles: Yes, Mike's wife. Very concerned with gender equity in gaming.

Anita Sarkeesian: Another liar to the UN. Likes to pretend she knows video games. Now pretending she knows boardgames. Likely watches Wheaton's Tabletop.

F. Wesley Schneider: Editor in Chief at Paizo, "co-creator" of Pathfinder RPG.

Mike Selinker: Big shark at Lone Shark, with plenty of boardgame credits, including Betrayal.

Liz Spain: She has some PACG credits. Incredible Expeditions: the Quest for Atlantis. From BGG: NOTE: The game has been selling on Amazon for a year, while half the backers are still waiting for their copies. Liz updates sporadically, does not respond to messages, and ignores questions posed on Kickstarter, BGG, her Facebook page, and her website.  Wonderful reputation, there.

Max Temkin: The other Cards Against Humanity "designer"

Elisa Teague: Geek Out! designer. No other game credits.

Rodney Thompson: Lords of Waterdeep, and longtime WotC designer.

Jeff Tidball: Horus Heresy, Mercante, Spammers, as well as many RPG credits.

Brian Tinsman: Dreamblade, Maple Story CCG, and a couple other credits

Pendleton Ward: Adventure Time. Maybe he can do well.

Angela M. Webber: from the Doubleclicks? Why do filk performers rate?

Gaby Weidling: PACG developer, Lone Shark Games

Why would I do this to myself? So we know who's doing our games, and might understand what they're doing TO them.

Looking at the list, I'd guess Lone Shark Games is fully converged, and Mike pulled in some friends, and WotC had some demands. Why would WotC farm out the development? Hasbro doesn't like making games, only selling them. They have the in house talent. If they wanted outside people writing the haunts, they should have consulted with Scott Almes and Ryan Laukat, who showed what they can do with Above and Below. My guess with WotC? They might be looking to buy a development house for boardgames. Nevermind the back catalog they're sitting on, or the ones they've licensed out.

Will it be any good? No idea. I advocate to try before you buy in this case. Or read before you buy.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Injustice Book Review: Nobility Among Us

Time for another departure. I recently read the first novel by Ben Zwycky, Nobility Among Us. As Mr. Zwycky is a relatively new author, associated with Sci Phi Journal, the gentleman and his associated works will remain hidden by the world  of justice. THIS WILL NOT STAND. The darkness of injustice must expose this work in it's contrast to the world.

Let us begin with the world structure. The world is a fuedally structured one. Make no mistake, though, this is not a medieval world, it's past modern. Not by much, but a little. Of course, there's ample opportunity for noble titles to be abused.

The abuse of such is shown throughout by the main character, who constantly upends the social structure in the various guises of rule of law, mercy for his people, standing for the faith of a forbidden book, and long term economic growth. Such policies clearly are short sighted. The only way to continue properly in power is to crush those below you, accept graft(as is done by the true hero of the story), take mistresses as a matter of course, and punish your enemies covertly.

The Forbidden Book is clearly the Bible, given the Christian themes posited throughout. A divine being that speaks directly to those He favors, angels that intervene during a military attack, an explicit mention of resurrection and heaven, and forgiveness of those that have harmed one the most? This clearly is against the justice we see pervading today.

Is this book a perfect act of Injustice? No, but it does certainly contain a great multitude of sins, purporting equality before the law, mercy, forgiveness, redemption, and actual Christian faith. His writing is of good quality, but clearly still growing at this point. Given Mr. Zwycky's propensity for critical, independent thought, and his clear advocacy for such vile acts, I judge it at 8 of 10 fell deeds.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wyrd Responses

In relation to the Emily Garland blogpost, and the article on, I reached out to Wyrd miniatures for an interview. They politely declined, due to the nature of the topic.(I'll reflect on this a little later.) They also pointed me to not one, but two statements, one regarding sexism and one regarding community.

Looking at the first statement, they start off well. Not discussing any individual incidents, as some may be under investigation, and color someone's perception in a trial, is wise. Tainted juries waste taxpayer resources, and can get criminals freed(assault, rape, etc.) , not to mention the extra inflicted emotional distress on the victim. Second, moderating the forum with an iron fist is a good step, keep things from becoming inflammatory.  They also state to let them know of any incidents of harassment or discrimination. Again, good play, keep it quiet until it's been investigated, then take action.

Now to the parts of the first statement I have issues with, and it's not pretty. Here are two factors I outright find troubling: first, that they have a Code of Conduct for their henchmen(community organizers). Largely their business, but as Vox Day's SJWs Always Lie tells us, CoCs can easily be abused, and are usually designed for such by SJWs. From the CoC: "Any behavior that is disrespectful of a member of the community (or a potential member of the community) will not be tolerated." There are clear problems with this. Some people are not worth respecting, as they attempt to undermine community, and the whole point of what the group is about. See Mozilla, see Beamdog, see Twitter and Facebook for examples of this. SJWs will collude and slander someone they see as a threat to them, or a trophy to brag about for dissemploying. Then there's this tidbit:"I'd like to take a moment to thank those individuals who have come to our defense, but I'd like to make it clear that questioning other people's integrity is not beneficial.". Um what? If someone is provably a liar, and trusted by certain members of a group, they're likely all liars. People that will lie to your face, and then stab you in the back for a sense of accomplishment POISON communities like those that grow around any game. They also mention some naming controversy the didn't realize they had. Naming a character Lust, and not thinking some might find it offensive? Oh, you weren't talking about Christians.

Onto the second statement. Hmm: "It is because of this that we do not tolerate or condone any behavior that harasses, makes uncomfortable, insults, or otherwise diminishes another person. We don't tolerate it within our company, and we don't tolerate it within our community". Try again, and take a look at your models. It's not hard to see how they might make some uncomfortable. That said, I don't care about their models, I'm not into their game. Denouncing harassment? Sure, but you also state discrimination is always wrong. I'm not allowed to not like to play with an unpleasant person? Rubbish. Yes, I'm going by a strict definition of descrimination based on the Latin: a distinguishing(or differentiating). Merit has a lot to do with discrimination, don't let the SJWs lull you into other belief. There's some nice charts here on the ACT and SAT. Individuals indeed vary greatly, but genetics is a large determinant in IQ. I'm not making a case against minorities, to be clear. I'm making a case that someone might be interested in a game and not have the mental capacity to actually play it. Then, when they're pwned, they can't deal with it, and "harassment" gets thrown into the mix.  

Now as to Wyrd refusing to do interviews: They think they're in big trouble if they talk to anyone. They're pretty much right. Vox and it's ilk would edit and misconstrue everything for a hit piece, they're of the "listen and believe" camp. Someone like me? Well, I'm not well known, but I'm not afraid to make enemies. The mere fact that they talked to me would get some to abandon them, once I was pointed out to SJWs. That they're caving on some points of creativity tells me they're already infested at some level, and willing to sacrifice their game to the people they believe are their audience.  Have fun with the sales drop you'll eventually see.

My recommendations? Play with people you know. Have witnesses that you can trust. Record everything where it is legal, get permissions to do so if required by law. Now that this has been officially entered into the SJW playbook, you'll need to watch for it at tournaments and conventions.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Malvertising, and how to stop it

I'm going to take a slight departure and write about a law I'd like to see passed. It hasn't, to my knowledge, been written yet.  I generally think new laws should be avoided, as they weaken respect for rule of law.

In recent years, a new type of advertising has risen online, commonly known as malvertising.  The biggest issue is that most companies don't vet the ads themselves, they source it out, and trust these companies they don't know. Some have better reputations than others, and some disappear shortly after their first batch of ads.

I'd like to see companies responsible for the ads they host. By that, I mean if a malvertisement downloads to your computer, the site hosting that "ad", should be liable for the damages, (scrubbing the hard drive or replacing if it's too far gone).  This would have two benefits: 1. companies would start checking every advertisement that goes on their site; 2. companies would not object to ad replacement software that vets their own ads. I'm not begrudging them income for their content, just the lack of responsibility they face.

Here's a letter I composed for your perusal. If you desire, feel free to use it or modify it yourself.

As internet security becomes a larger and larger concern, websites should be responsible for their place. It's not polite, but the old saying is, “You don't shit where you eat.”. A great many are making their money off of advertisements, and I do not begrudge them their right to income. However, there is a growing sector of internet advertising, known as malvertising. These ads self download into the viewers system, quite often bypassing any permissions, and quickly begin slowing down their system anytime they're online. Ultimately, this reduces computer performance to the point of being unusable, and the software is difficult to scrub from the system.
I call on you to sponsor legislation forcing companies to be liable for damages that advertising they host directly causes. Credit card information gets stolen. Technical service time is expensive, and replacing machines poses an even greater expense. And for the technically adept, it still costs time and frustration. This legislation should be written to encourage companies to at the least vet their advertisements so that it is known they aren't harmful.
Lest you or your aides not believe me, I encourage you to to read the articles at the following sites:
This affects citizens worldwide, and you can help lead the way in making the internet safer by creating an incentive for ads to be safe and honest.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Vox buys the bait, as usual

Well, it's been a little over a week since the Emily Garland post went up (Latining), and now has taken their usual "listen and believe" route. Of course, the Winnipeg Free Press, and the Minitoba Human Rights Commission did as well, so they can claim precedent from more legitimized sources.

I'd like to thank for doing some of the legwork for me, emailing Garland and linkeing to the WFP, as now I can do more than just see an asinine tumblr blog without doing work: I can now look at both a hit piece and a real article. This might get messy, as it also leads to the Canadian "justice" system, a system that disenfranchised George Alan Eliot for three years, and he likely has no recourse for false arrest and loss of livelihood and reputation.

I'm going to start with Ms. Garland's "historic case". The Manitoba Human Rights Commission is not a proper court. Trials are ruled on by 10 people, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council for terms of three years. In the case, Mr. Tackaberry stated that Garland was a  compulsive liar, and later told the WFP that the HRC's process was a kangaroo court. Looking at the decision, it appears to at least be run in similar fashion to a criminal court, but if the defendant's acts were such, I find myself incredulous that it did not result in imprisonment. This is telling in that they are making citizens fearful of speaking "the wrong way", reducing public freedom. By the way, the Code of Human Rights in Canada does not allow for free speech. Stereotypes are forbidden.

While at the University of Manitoba, Ms. Garland claims to have received several death threats, both via email and slipped under the door of her office as a grader. The police allegedly refused to even fill out paperwork, a clear sign of lack of evidence. Why the WFP didn't investigate further, well that might require journalism, rather than collecting a couple of statements.

Garland told that she was frozen out of one game store, and harassed out of another. By harassed, I assume the gamers there felt unwelcoming to her. Nobody has to be your friend, Ms. Garland, and you ruined one gamer's life already. Why would anyone want to play with you?

You're upset that there's more male figures in a WAR GAME? I just checked an article based on 2012 DOD numbers, and the US military is only 16% female. So, why not get those numbers more in line with reality? Oh, you're complaining with 50/50 representation, because you think female models are oversexualized? I personally don't like the aesthetic of Malifaux these days, as I don't care for some of the anime stylizing. But no, you went after their portrayal of females specifically, not the overall art direction of the game.

As to her complaints about harassment, they had no place on the company's website unless the company was running the event. Send a letter to the store, and a copy of the letter to the police, and you're on the right track.  Given the level of nagging and conflating, I can understand why Wyrd stopped talking to her. If you stop outraging every day, you might actually get what you want. did contact Wyrd, which has issued it's own statement regarding community and harassment. Their spokesperson also stated they investigate all claims and that no employee has engaged in harassment. Another Wyrd official stated that after a year, they had yet to be presented any evidence or been approached by authorities. Again, a lack of criminal complaints reduces creditability.

Here's a great line from's article:

This sounds like a case of "same shit, different geek community." Are things actually changing?

Of course, they aren't realizing that we might say that about games journalism.  If they spent some time among gamers, at a convention, it might be realized that we don't really care about race or gender that much, we want a good game.  I don't want sex in my games, I want conflict. Us supposed orthodox gamers don't dislike someone for being a minority; we dislike slander and stupidity. We largely don't want to care about the "Social Justice" issues(not to be confused with charity to the poor and helping with employment), we want to play our games.

Ms. Garland, while you might be proud of creating another front for SJW's, you fail to realize you're just going to make another GamerGate group. We have alternative creation platforms already in place if companies fold to your demands, game design is a sub hobby for many of us, and you WILL lose, as our side gains exposure to the world at large.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dragon Awards

I'm sure that the few that read this little and infrequent blog already know that DragonCon has decided to create their own awards for SF and Fantasy content. I say content because this covers several categories of novels(excellent news), comics/graphic novels, and a few game categories. Please note a work is only eligible for one category, not multiples, in accordance with Dragon Award Rules.  Due to the fact that this Very Prestigious Award has not been ruined, and is free to nominate and vote, here are my personal nominations:

Best SF Novel: Somewhither by John C. Wright

Best Fantasy Novel: Son of the Black Sword by Larry Correia

Best YA Novel: Calamity by Brandon Sanderson

Best Military SF/Fantasy Novel: Warship by Joshua Dalzelle

Best Alternate History Novel: A Long Time Until Now, by Michael Z. Williamson

Best Apocalyptic Novel: Ctrl Alt Revolt! by Nick Cole
Update: My bad. I just realize Ctrl Alt Revolt misses eligibility by 6 days. Apologies to Mr. Cole. I recommend his The End of the World as We Knew It in it's stead.

Best Horror Novel: Honor at Stake by Declan Finn

Best Comic Book: The Black Hood #1-#5, 2/25/15-8/26/15

Best Graphic Novel: Invisible Republic,  by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko, August 26, 2015

Best Episode in a series(it's really a series as a whole nom.): The Flash

Best SF/F Movie: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Best SF/F PC/Console Game: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by CD Projekt RED

Best Mobile Game: no recommendation, as I don't play them currently

Best SF/F Board Game: Talon by GMT Games

Best SF/F Minis/CCG/RPG: Mouse Guard 2nd edition by Archaia Studios Press

These are of course only my opinions, and not suggestions that anyone do likewise or otherwise.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

Monday, April 4, 2016

If you get rid of the white males in tabletop games, you won't have any games.

It's been awhile. I've been remiss in my writing, and haven't finished the Kyle Gabhart interview.  SJWs have interfered with my writer's block, though.

So this week, a post decrying sexual harassment in tabletop gaming has been making waves. You may read it here. The laughable part is the sheer improbability of all the stories. In fact, I've seen more harassment from women in game stores than men. Why? They can get away with it. But, since I hate whinging liars, I'm going to address each of these stories. Apologies if this gets old, they don't provide much material to really work with.

The author's story about Malifaux and Wyrd miniatures: MIGHT have some truth to it. Of course, I'm of the opinion the author is confusing highly defensive game designers with threats of violence. After all , she(self-identified) wrote to the company and Wyrd did nothing. Which tells me that either: 1. She's lying and didn't provide documentation, or 2. She can't tell a fraudulent account from a real one, and has been conned, or 3. She thinks they can't tell a fraudulent account from a real one. Disagreement is not threatening.

The 13yo and the 40k players: NO SALE. Any store owner I know would not act such, and the 40k players I know would beat up said owner, not join in the chorus. BTW, I don't like 40k; the players I know are largely cool.

Terrorism charge: That's good stuff you're on. Death threats are not terrorism. They are illegal, and if police aren't willing to do paperwork, you're not being emailed threats, or you'd be able to provide them with information they need. Real names aren't necessary for the report, just the one on the email. You have an address, and good computer techs can get IPs pretty easily. The UN paper on cyberbullying was such a joke they retracted it. The days when you can  quote yourself, directly or indirectly, are over in such areas.

Keycon rape: A friend hands you the Pepsi, and you wake up with a strange man's hand in your pants? Are you still friends with this person? Is Keycon code for a frat sex party? I have problems believing in Canadian gamers that would do this. You're likely a drunken slut; regret is not rape.

Police reports: Doubtful. Most of us know police are not for our protection, they're for government's. As to intimidating women out of filing reports or pressing charges, if you find questions intimidating, you shouldn't leave home. Lawyers will cross examine you, and if you are lying, you will be torn to shreds. See the recent trial of John Gomeshi.

2009 game store: It was 2009. Were you unable to get a webcam to RECORD EVERYTHING? You won a human rights case against him, but criminal cases require documented evidence, not he said, she said. With planning and preparation, you could have imprisoned the guy, IF he did what you say he did.

Low visibility: I'd say you just made yourself highly visible. With your IP(findable), and your stories, it can be found out exactly who you are, and the veracity of your words will be checked. Gamergate is very thorough. As to gaming being unsafe for women, poppycock. I know a few high profile women in the gaming world who have no such stories, even after hanging out with people they only know online.

Find another hobby: Women should stay away from psychopaths. But to call gamers losers is nothing we haven't heard for DECADES. If you are not capable of identifying psychopaths, you should stay home. And not leave. We don't need you, and you clearly hate us.

Self defenseless: Yes, if you have to defend yourself physically, you've experienced a crime. Doesn't matter if you're a man or woman, crime doesn't care. Self Defense is a good idea. As to the drama, everything I've read there says she's stirring up drama.

Pokemon WC: Mentally unbalanced people are dangerous, no doubt. If asylums and sanitariums were open again, they'd be full of those not inclined to crime but incapable of coping with reality. Blame the ACLU, not white men.

White male terrorism: I get the feeling you have a fetish for appearing as the victim in a snuff film. Not that you wish to die(I don't know that), but the portrayal turns you on.

Models like me: I can actually believe this one. It's not criminal, though, just social awkwardness and a lack of manners.

Drop in RPG session: See previous statement.  If there's enough market, start your own store, and you can cater to the minorities.

Comics and groping: Not buying it.

Gaming justice: Look, Pimp: the Backhanding is sketchy, sure. It's also a joke. These same people also love Cards Against Humanity. Learn to take a joke, but also, get some taste.

No straightmen games: Never seen groping at a store that wasn't between a couple in a relationship, and haven't seen much of that, thankfully. Or are handshakes harassment, now?

Legion/Circle/Goose: Never seen that, and I'd expect the offender to be kicked, male or female. Where did Privateer Press touch you?

Oh, look, you invited the Sad Puppies and GamerGate. No hate for the Rabid Puppies?  Yeah, you made yourself fair game. Cosplay is not Consent is a bit silly. Sure, they have the right not to be groped, etc., but photos? Get outta costume if you don't want to be in photos.

I-Con: Given your SJW credentials, I'll need to see proof you OWN A SKIRT. Then we can talk about the fact that wargamers gonna wargame, not grab your ugly ass.

Predators: Go read the Safe Space as Rape Room articles from Castalia House, once it's back up.  The predators are liberals, not conservatives. I'm not a fan of Ben Shapiro, but he was right in saying "Facts don't care about your feelings." . The fact that you discuss perceived reality is telling as to your grip on it, or rather, lack thereof.

Game free from harassment: Agreed. Quit nagging us, you lying, ignorant slut.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.