Book Reviews 2016

The Secret Kings, by Brian Niemeier

A Sea of Skulls, part 1, by Vox Day

Set to Kill by Declan Finn

Skelos issue 1

 Brother, Frank by Michael Bunker

Discovery by Karina Fabian

 The Cunning Blood by Jeff Duntemann

Pius History by Declan Finn

 Pennsylvania by Michael Bunker

 Swan Knight's Son, by John C. Wright

Loki's Child, by Fenris Wulf

A Stich in Space, by Christopher Lansdown

On Duties, by Cicero, as translated by Quintus Curtius:

Between the Wall and the Fire:

The Missionaries by Owen Stanley:

Brings the Lightning by Peter Grant:

Chasing Freedom by Marina Fontaine:

A Pius Man trilogy by Declan Finn:

God, Robot from Castalia House:

Nobility Among Us by Ben Zwycky:

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