Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Comic Review: Earth AM from Hollow Harbor

Cower not, fierce reader! I'm still around, and right now, I've got a comic for those of you into indie sf books. It's from small publisher Hollow Harbor.

Earth AM takes place over 200 years into the future, and humanity has split into four factions. There are skyrytes, cyborgs, underaneans, and humans. AM stands for "After Mutation". The first issue has no clear resemblance to contemporary comics.

The writing is solid, with very solid art backing it up. There's a bit of background in there, though it's not a world origin. That, we're dropped into. We do get more backstory following one of the leaders, though.

The humans are desperately trying to hold off all three of the other factions, the Skyrytes need food for their aerial cities, the Underaneans are destructively greedy, and the Cyborgs seem to be plotters at the level of the Byzantine Empire.

Anyway, here's a sample page from their site that's inked but uncolored:

This is a small publisher, and doesn't appear to be in regular distribution. You can get digital versions of the book via kindle, and if you want a physical copy, Miniature Market is carrying them. (Both are based in St. Louis). They have another book, Tyrants, that I'm looking to check out soon.

Right now, I'd give this book a solid 8/10 fell deeds.

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