Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Brexit and Gaming

I'm doing this because the idiots at Bell of Lost Souls can't be bothered to look at even year long data. They forgot the year long decline the pound has been in against both the Euro and the US Dollar, a more notable movement.  Don't get me wrong, the one day drop was significant, but it's not a trend.

The comments to their Brexit alarmist article are almost as dumb. "We still have to follow EU regulations to trade with them, like Switzerland and Norway!"  So?  Switzerland has the best economy in Europe, and your truly small businesses that won't be trading with the EU won't have to anymore. It's not like they buy your cars, really.  Your fisherman will be able to fish again in waters they can see from shore. Some of the lunkheads think a weaker pound and inflation are good; clearly not looking at the effects on the poor.

Then there's what they're saying about the idea of Texan secession. I don't think it's that preposterous; Texas has ports and plenty of natural resources. Plenty of guns to defend themselves too, so the border would be under control. By the way, only a fool thinks Texas would go alone. Oklahoma, New Mexico, and maybe one or two more would be inclined to join that nation. Montana had a similar clause upon it's joining the union, so a split up North and in the South might happen. If so, Alaska and Hawaii are likely on their own. Alaska can handle itself; Hawaii wants to be defenseless.

Back to the subject:
Tabletop isn't going anywhere without you. While I don't care for it, you've got the most storied game there is in 40k. They might have to move away from the model company direction, and work on GAMES again. And I'm not talking about new editions and splatbooks galore, I'm talking about a good ruleset. Something you can do legitimate tournaments with, where each side has timed turns or a deathclock. No big. Push out more of those intriguing boardgames that could only come out of Britain.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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