Monday, June 20, 2016

Injustice Quick Reviews

Cower not, fierce reader! Here are a few quick thoughts on some books I've read recently, but don't quite want to do a full review on:

A Throne of Bones: This was a reread actually, and it holds up fairly well. It has two major crimes against Social Justice. Firstly, it was written by VOX DAY(that alone is pretty big in their eyes). Second, it has a church very similar to the Catholic Church, portrayed in a light that is actually a bit flattering. Oh, and there are some clear villains. If you haven't checked it out, do so. 8/10 Fell Deeds.

It Was Only on Stun!- If you read Declan Finn's Pius Trilogy, this comes before that, and follows Sean A. P. Ryan, while on protection duty at a scifi convention. Filled with hilarity and violence, I'd like to see it as a movie. Only Hollywood won't touch something with real religion, and Catholicism portrayed accurately is anathema to that crowd. 7/10 Fell Deeds.

Omega Force- This is a series by Joshua Dalzelle, which I stumbled into after reading his excellent Black Fleet Trilogy. It feels a lot like the A-Team. With aliens. Plenty of distrust of government, helping people for profit. Otherwise no real crimes. 6/10 Fell Deeds, but plenty fun.

Souldancer- Honestly, the only way I think I MIGHT be able to do right on this is wait until the whole story's finished. There's a ton going on, and I know I missed some threads. Primary crime is that the circles of Hell are real, each ruled differently.  Eternal Damnation  done right. 8/10 Fell Deeds.

Pius Tales: The Complete Tales of the Pius Trilogy- Yep. More Declan Finn. This is mostly setup material for most of the characters, and it's all fun. Once again, Catholicism taken seriously with some serious action. 8/10 Fell Deeds.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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