Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Exploring Comics by Genre: Western

There's been quite a few really good Western comics. As always, this is only a selection from my reading, and should not be construed as definitive.

Iron West- A family friendly story by Doug TenNapel. It's fun. A bit steampunk, but not really. There's robots. Lots of robots.

Ballad of Sleeping Beauty- I doubt this can be found these days, but if you find it, grab it. It's beautiful.

Lone Ranger- Yeah. It's good. Get over it.

Jonah Hex- One of DC's many Western characters, this one's been through the most versions. The only bit I advise avoiding is the last bit of New52 Hex. He's lame in the modern world, and that was just part of cancelling him anyway.

Caliber- Arthurian knights retold as a Western? Yes, please.

Trailblazer- Palmotti and Gray with a bit of time travel, and a bit of western, and a lotta good readin'.

Spaghetti Western- Not really a Western, but there's some good stuff in this little Scott Morse book. Kid appropriate too.

There are a bunch of other characters from DC/Marvel worth reading in the genre, and other stories outside them that are great. Ghost Rider was originally a Western.CowBoy lookd cute, but I haven't read it.

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