Friday, March 31, 2017

Injustice Quick Reviews 2.4

Cower not, fierce reader! This fine day we have a fine selection of adventure sure to chill the heart of truefen. Iced desserts are popular, are they not? Let us see our buffet of thoughtcrime! Please note: I'm now including Amazon links to each book(I am an affiliate now, I might as well, as many books as I review).

Noble Man by William Miller- Mr. Miller is one of the writers behind the Literary Rebel page, and I thought I should read at least one book from them. This is solid spec ops style fiction(I can't speak to realism, only entertainment). How solid? Do you like John Ringo's Ghost series, but not the sex in them? Yeah, we are near that territory. Major crimes: Christians with resolve, corrupt politicians and many more. 8 of 10 fell deeds

Escape on Venus by Edgar Rice Burroughs- I've not yet reached that sad day when I will be done with the Carson Napier books, though this is a bit weaker than the others. The reason being that it is a series of escapes, though the last one is truly excellent. I've had to order a physical copy of the next book as there's no Kindle edition as yet. Major crime: further poking holes in the narrative against pulp writers 8 of 10 fell deeds

Sudden Rescue by Jon Mollison - I thought it was high time I read Mr. Mollison's fiction, especially as I'd heard good things from folks I respect. How good is it? Closest I can come to in a sensical statement is this: Imagine if you will, Edgar Rice Burroughs first book after watching Big Trouble in Little China. That's not quite right either, but I can't get any closer. Major crime: We got a guy becoming a proper hero, a beautiful princess to rescue, what more do you need? 9 of 10 fell deeds

Scavengers by David J. West- I bought this hoping it was a weird western. Well, it's still a pretty good Western, though I found the dialogue had way too many "g"s at the ends of words. There's a good amount of history involving the early Mormon movement, and some of the violence to and for, sometimes to the detriment of the story. All in all, still a good story. Major crime: Acknowledging some of the bad on every side in the West works for me. 7 of 10 fell deeds

Days of Future Past Part Two: Present Tense by John Van Stry- If you did read the first book, you don't want to miss out. We're back in the war for a future where faerie came back following some great calamity. This time, the pacing is better, the action keeps going, and there's plenty of intrigue in the slower parts. Major crime: Grudging respect for someone you hate. 8 of 10 fell deed

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.


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    1. Hangin', ropin', ridin', kidnappin', etc.

      And not everyone spoke with the same patterns, by any means. It hinders character differentiation when they do.

    2. Ah, now I understand! I did start Scavenger and was enjoying it, but switched to Cold Slither when I realized that was the one with the Weird elements. I'll come back to Scavenger a bit later. Also, the description of Sudden Rescue as being a cross between ERB and Big Trouble intrigued me, so I picked up a sample of that to try out.