Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hugo Musings, and the Dragon

First, let's talk about the Dragon Award. I'm not putting anything up soon, as the nomination period ENDS on 7/24, with the eligibility period ending on 6/30. It is therefore, WAY TOO SOON to discuss the works for the award this year. I wish to be sure of my nominations, and not regret the choices I make. Yes, I have some favorites right now, but those are EARLY favorites. So, let's wait on the Dragon a bit.

Now, as far as my personal Hugo recommendations, I'm going to make some serious suggestions about one category: GRAPHIC STORY. The Sad and Rabid Puppy campaigns have all but ignored it.

I understand, not everyone likes the media of comic book/webcomic, but there are those that see it as more versatile than almost any other. It has the possibilities for narrative strength that text only stories do, and is actually MORE flexible than movies, through the ability to play with panels in unexpected ways, well past the splash page.

So, without further delay:

James Bond- Vargr by Warren Ellis (writer), Jason Masters and Dom Reardon (Artists),  Dynamite Entertainment.This is the best Bond movie you've never seen. And considerably better than some you have.

Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers by Joe Casey(writer) and Nathan Fox(artist), Dynamite Entertainment. Wonderfully mishmashed sff adventure that very much has an appendix N feel. Characters created by Jack Kirby.

Clinton Cash by Chuck Dixon(writer) and Brett R. Smith(artist), Regnery Publishing. Adaptation of Peter Schwiezer's book. Heads asplodey.

Twilight Children by Gilbert Hernandez(writer) and Darwin Cooke(artist), Vertigo comics. Great bit of paranomal and paranoia. This makes me wish David Lynch wrote comics.

Invisible Republic vol 2 by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko, Image Comics. Still a great SF story of political fallout after a regime fall. Secret histories and conspiracies abound.

Now to another category to discuss. Last year we saw the rise of the Castalia House Blog, and Jeffro Johnson, Morgon, and others as fan writers. This year, that field has opened up more with the additions of Jon Mollison, Hooc Ott, Nathan Housley, and more, including myself. I will recuse myself from making any recommendations on this category, and there's a DEEP field to choose from.

When you play Social Justice, the world loses.

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  1. Yeah. I'm actually going to make several different posts about the Dragon Awards as the months go on. You know there will be some people who vote now just to get it over with.

    I saw people suggesting to vote in the Dragons back in December. Yes, really.

    As far as the Hugos ... well, you know my thoughts on Best related. Heh. Just to see who gets driven insane.